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Best Macbook Clones

Some of the most well designed and sleek looking computers available are Macbooks, especially the MacBook Pro line. Because of this, many PC manufacturers are looking to imitate the sleek design and speed associated with the Apple laptop. While the MacBook is an elegant and powerful laptop, it is rather pricey, and some people prefer to use Microsoft based operating systems. This is where the HP Envy line of products come in.

At first glance, you can see the obvious similarities between the MacBook Pro and the HP Envy line. Both laptops feature smooth lines and a minimalist approach to keyboard and port connections, and both have sleek shiny metal exteriors. While most Windows based laptops are covered in buttons and switches, the HP Envy has pared these keys down to little more than the keyboard.

The MacBook Pro line, in addition to being a visually attractive laptop, also boasts speed and processing power; the HP Envy is no different. Both laptops are offered with the ability to create your own perfect computer. You can upgrade everything from processing speed, to RAM, to hard drive space, and even the type of keyboard you prefer. Additionally, both laptops are available in a variety of sizes; they start out with 13″ screen sizes and go all the way up to 17″ screen sizes.

Interestingly enough, both laptops use the Quad-core Intel Core i7 processor in either 2.4GHz or 2.45GHz speeds. And while neither laptop is a slouch in performance, the HP Envy actually outclasses the MacBook Pro in a few ways. The maximum RAM upgrade available for the MacBook is 8G, but the HP Envy fully doubles that by offering a maximum RAM of 16G. Another way that the HP Envy bests the MacBook is in available hard drive space. While the MacBook offers either a 750GB Serial ATA @ 7200 rpm hard drive, or a 512GB solid state drive, the limit for the HP Envy is a whopping 1.05TB 7200 RPM Dual Hard Drive (a 300GB solid state drive and a 750GB @ 7200 RPM drive).

While the Envy’s base price is far lower than that of the MacBook Pro, it is easy to start upgrading memory and hard drive space to the point that you’ve gone far beyond the MacBook starting price. That said, the HP Envy series was designed to be a Windows answer to the styling and power of the MacBook Pro series, and it has done an excellent job. If you are looking to purchase from the HP Envy series consider using a hp coupon code to reduce costs.

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