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10 Ways to Reach your Customers on Social Media in UAE

The growth of technology is transforming how we function and how we interact with our potential and existing clients in today’s world.

The growth of technology is transforming how we function and how we interact with our potential and existing clients in today’s world. We no longer require the use of traditional means to entice potential customers, rather we can use our mobile devices to quickly introduce products as well as services to a targeted following.

Even though the overall method can appear swift and easy, for a business to thoroughly expand its reach, the use of a digital agency in the UAE can prove beneficially. After all, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Here are some techniques that you can apply to reach your customers in the UAE.

1. Implement a Hashtag

A hashtag is used to identify a keyword and further facilitate a search for it. A hashtag is only evident when it is preceded by a hash mark. The ability for people to explore a particular keyword further exposes your business to a wider audience.

2. Use the Relevant Social Channels to Reach Your Customers

There are many popular social media channels for you to use which allow you to reach your customers in an engaging way. But, not all channels are integral to your success as a company and as a brand. Narrow down your available options firstly to the most popular options. Then, identify your goals which also assist you in determining the channels that your following is currently using. Once you have identified the appropriate channel or channels, produce content which suits that platform. For instance, Twitter is great if you want to reach out to your following with immediacy while Facebook can be used to build relationships.

3. Create Unique and Engaging Content

In today’s market, you do not want to create content for the sake of creating content. Here is where engaging content comes into play. Engaging content creates a direct path for the visitor to get to know your product on a closer level.

4. Who Is Your Targeted Audience?

This is one of the most important tasks because for you to truly reach your followings, you must first identify who those potential customers are. This is where a digital agency in the UAE can assist due to the fact that the digital agencies have tried and tested methods to seek out those potential customers who would indeed be interested in your services.

5. Share Your Humanistic Side with Your Audience

Taking your customers behind the scenes shines a humanistic light on your company. It also shows that the business cares about the work that its employee put in every day to make the company a success. And for certain companies, it educates the audience further by connecting them to your company which also allows them to share information with others. 

6. Show Your Customers Appreciation

Sharing images of your customers makes them feel included in your brand. They feel valued and they feel special. It also gives potential buyers the chance to see how “real” customers feel about a particular brand and this subsequently influences them into making a purchase.

7. Learn Techniques from Your Competitor

There is no shame nor harm in observing how your competitor reaches out to their audience on their social media channels. Observing how they interact with their clientele gives you a better overall understanding that you can, in turn, implement into your social media strategy

8. Quality over Quantity

Do not compromise the quality of the content for quantity. As important as content is, often times businesses tend to throw out a lot of content believing that providing that they have constant content, that they followers would continue to increase. While that may work for some businesses, it certainly does not work for all. Focus on quality content that keeps your followers coming back for more.

9. Be Consistent

It is of utmost importance to maintain uniformity at all times. Whether it is via different social mediums, the tone must always be the same. If you’re inconsistent, it is also likely that you’ll confuse your following.

10. Incorporate Video into your Strategy

A video is a medium that can be incorporated into a variety of social channels. Businesses tend to get carried away by believing that video content cannot be incorporated without the right tools but in today’s world, your phone would do the job. Just ensure that the content is indeed engaging and constant with your message.

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Robert Jones is an experienced Social Media Expert and working for a social media agency in Dubai. He use to help businesses in increasing their reach, convey their brand message in an effective manner and convert the website visitors into leads and those leads into paying customers that keeps coming back for more.

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