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Choosing a Mobile Network in the UK: Some Top Companies Reviewed

Are you looking for one of mobile networks in the UK? In this article, some of the major SIM providers of the country have been reviewed.

Are you looking for a mobile network in the UK? In this article, some of the major SIM providers in the country have been reviewed. These networks have skyrocketed their popularity through their finest network services and easy accessibility. Most of these offer the winning blend of low prices, affordable deals and short commitment periods, making it much easier to compare different options and pick the right mobile deal for you.


Smarty offers 30-day SIM only deals so you can control what you are used to spending more easily. It allows you to get lots more for the price you pay in term of minutes, text SMS and data. Since it doesn’t offer any handset, you can also save money and focus on flexible SIM plans. Also, Smarty buys back the data you didn’t use, making it great for erratic mobile users every month. They use Three’s network to allow you to acquire good coverage for unlimited calls, text as 4GB data for a month. You can also change or cancel your SIM at any time.


It’s one of the widest choices for mobile users across the UK. Though Vodafone is an expensive mobile network option, it offers the quality and modern features that you won’t get from other service providers. The company has a wide range of handsets and SIM plans. You get free access to NOW TV, Sky Sports and Spotify Premium Mobile TV with its Red 4G plans which also offer up to a 2-year subscription to Sky entertainment channels.  Vodafone comes with several plans that enable you to upgrade your phone up to 2 months before your contract expires.


The O2 offers a large range of both phones and SIM-only plans. It allows you to choose from new and refurbished models as well as enjoy affordable deals and SIM options on a budget. With O2 Refresh, you can upgrade your handset at any time by paying off the cost of your old one. Also, the company has Rolling Pay & Go plans for those who need to make more calls and use more data over the time. You can avail exclusive discounts and special offers from numerous companies including Halfords and WH Smith or avail priority tickets for your favorite music or other entertainment events before they are available to the public.


BT mobile has a range of monthly plans and many SIM-only deals with varied data size options.  It offers plenty of choices for handsets if you don’t already have one. With EE, the company has a very good mobile coverage, allowing 75% of users to access 4G and a huge 99% of the UK population to get 3G. It offers a £5 monthly discount for all plans if you are an existing user of BT broadband. Furthermore, you can obtain up to 5 SIMs on one monthly bill with free voicemail facility on all plans.


With ‘Three’, you can pick a popular mobile phone from BlackBerry, Samsung, Apple and more. The company sells its unlocked phones allowing you to switch networks at any time. Its 3G network covers a wide range of the UK population whereas it still has a limited 4G coverage which can be found in major cities like London.


The EE is known for its impressively fast mobile internet. As a 4G experts, the company provides country’s fastest internet speed reaching up to 90MB in many cases. Also, it has a large assortment of new phones and tablets including the latest Samsung and iPhones at a reasonable cost.

With the emergence of many service providers offering their packages of unique features and additional benefits to attract you, it’s, in fact, very difficult to decide on a mobile network. There are websites such as YourPhoneReviews, where you can further review mobile networks operating in the UK. The aforementioned companies are some of the finest companies in the mobile network industry and have been outlined at one place for your convenience to pick the one suiting your requirements and budget.

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