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External Links Policy


TechSling Weblog may contain hypertext links to many other Web sites created and maintained by other individuals and organisations. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information found at any linked site.

Links to or from external Web sites not owned or controlled by TechSling Weblog does not constitute an endorsement by of the individuals or organisations sponsoring the Websites, the views expressed on the Websites, or the products or services offered on the Websites. Transactions between users and any external site are therefore not the responsibility of TechSling Weblog.

Guest Contributors

A maximum of 10 nofollow links may be allowed in guest posts however, acceptable links within a guest post include those that contain further research that is accurate, relevant, educational, and on-topic.

Dofollow text-links are not allowed within the article body of a guest post. Please read our guidelines on provisions for dofollow links for guest contributors.

No text should be linked unless its inclusion is justifiable according to this guideline and common sense. The burden of providing this justification is on the guest contributor.

If you have any questions regarding this or other site policies of TechSling Weblog then you may contact us via our Contact Form.

Link Exchange

We do not participate in link exchanges on our Links page/Blogroll. However, we may link to other external Websites that provide information we determine at our discretion contain relevant and useful information. While many sites may provide relevant or useful information, TechSling Weblog only links to those sites which provide the most useful content. These links may be changed at any time as more useful sites come to our attention.

The sole purpose of any external link is to enrich this site for our readers. All requests for inclusion of a link on this blog is therefore first and primarily evaluated with the needs of our readers in mind. Generally, external Websites that want to be included on our Links page/Blogroll do not meet the purposes of TechSling Weblog if they are not technology-related and/or contain, suggest, or infer any of the following:

  • Disparaging or promoting any person or class of persons.
  • External content not suitable for readers or viewers of all ages.
  • Links to or other promotion of businesses, products, services or affiliate marketing sites.
  • Promoting or inciting illegal, violent, or socially undesirable conduct.
  • Promotion or availability of alcohol or tobacco products.
  • Promotion or availability of illegal drugs.
  • Promotion or availability of adult or sexually oriented entertainment or materials.
  • Promotion, opposition, or availability of weapons.
  • Promotion, opposition, or availability of gambling.
  • Claims of efficacy, suitability, desirability, or other non-objective statements about businesses, products, or services.

This list is a non-exclusive list and applies to Websites outside TechSling Weblog that want to be featured on our Links page/Blogroll. Each request for such a link shall be evaluated using the following guidelines:

Is the content relevant and technology-related?

Does the site provide information or services, which are not already available or linked to on our Links page/Blogroll? If not, is the quality of the site comparable to or better than what is already provided?

Is the site well designed, easy-to-use and cross-browser compliant? TechSling Weblog reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without explanation, to withdraw at any time any external content for any reason.

Blog Comments

For the benefit of robust discussion, we ask that comments remain on-topic. This means that comments must relate to the topic being discussed within the blog post or a previous comment existing within the same comment thread in order to remain on the blog.

All links posted as comments on TechSling Weblog will be reviewed and may be deleted. Repeated violations of our Comments Policy may cause the author to be blocked from commenting.

Furthermore, a comment will be deleted if it contains:

  • Hate speech.
  • Profanity, obscenity or vulgarity.
  • Defamation to a person or people.
  • Name calling and/or personal attacks.
  • Marketing copy that promotes services or products.
  • Comments that include links to URLs or email addresses.
  • Comments that infringe on copyrights.
  • Spam comments, such as the same comment posted repeatedly on a profile .
  • Other comments that TechSling Weblog deems inappropriate.

If you find an inappropriate comment on this blog, please contact us via our Contact Form.