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The Benefits of Working in the PwC Tower in Auckland

Auckland’s diverse business landscape lends itself to a number of opportunities. The landscape is primarily a services and commerce economy that supports both individual and corporate industry. The city sits between the Hauraki Gulf and the Pacific Ocean and offers city residents and visitors a lot in terms of quality of life and leisure.

Businesses and professionals also have a lot to gain from in terms of the search for great office space. The variety also lends itself to seriously reducing the costs of paying for and maintaining an office. Take, for example, the increasingly popular coworking landscape in Auckland presents professionals with diverse options in office space including working out of the impressive PwC Tower as seen by clicking onto the following link-

As you can see, the building is home to a number of high-profile businesses, but let’s look at the advantages of working in this world-class atmosphere.

Location, Location, Location

The building stands in a pretty good location in the city and is in within a few minutes of the establishments that make work convenient and that generate a source of foot traffic. In the vicinity, there is a post office, shopping mall, restaurants, souvenir shops, hotels, high-end boutiques, major banks, and at least one gym and swimming facility. The facility is also close to a few public transportation outlets, which include taxis, the Auckland Ferry, Britomart Train and Bus Station. Then, there is a lot of parking in the area making it accessible to those travelling by car. The building is near enough to the financial centre to benefit from all of the advantages of being in a prestigious location.

A World-Class Fit Out On A Budget

The building is an imposing structure that has 29 floors that contain a number of businesses. Also considered a landmark, the structure towers over a colonnade from over 142 metres. The building has a grand hotel-style lobby entrance and simply makes a commanding presence in the area.

The building is also retrofitted with a lot of the latest technologies. Glass technologies, blind installation, flexible power, and data and communications cabling are all a part of the business’s structure. All of these features greatly contribute to the overall energy savings of businesses that occupy the space.

Finally, businesses who work in these fine offices will be treated to working in spaces with the latest in corporate décor. The offices, if working with a serviced office provider, come fully-furnished, and they typically are staffed by receptionists and other maintenance people. Those who choose to work in the PwC Tower do not have to worry about working in unclean, neglected office space nor do they have to worry about clients not being met by professional staff upon reaching the office.

Safe Place To Work

On top of being a city landmark and a beautiful place to work, the building is also one of the most secure. The building itself owns 355 spaces where employees and visitors can safely park their car while at work. It has an onsite concierge, destination control lifts, and more significantly, 24-hour building security. If you do find yourself working alone or with other people, you can rest assured that you are in a safe place. Plus, as one of the most visible spaces in the area, it is a very secure place as well.

Choosing The PwC Tower

The PwC Tower not only is an impressively imposing building, but it also makes a very intimidating presence in the area. Clients and associates who get the chance to visit the location will be impressed by its décor and its technologies. Finally, space is within a number of attractive establishments, making it a great place to work and play.

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