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11 Tips to Skyrocket Your Instagram Reel Views

Instagram reels became the most watched content on the platform. It happens because of its short-form video feature that was already liked by the internet users on TikTok. Instagram got inspired by TikTok and introduced the option of Instagram reels.

Instagram reels became the most watched content on the platform. It happens because of its short-form video feature that was already liked by the internet users on TikTok. Instagram got inspired by TikTok and introduced the option of Instagram reels. So this snappy and short video content gains the early attention of users.

Not only they are short in length but can attain the interest of your potential followers. Although it’s a good way to curate your followers towards your account you have to come up with out-of-the-box ideas to skyrocket the views of your Instagram reels and gain new followers.

Embrace the Power of Animation

Animation is a powerful tool that can instantly capture attention and convey complex ideas visually appealingly. By incorporating animation into your Instagram Reels, you can create eye-catching and memorable content that sets you apart from the crowd. Whether it’s animated text, characters, or motion graphics, embracing animation will make your Reels stand out.

If it’s just the start of creating reels it’s not necessary to hire a professional animator. You can create animation with the help of several animation tools available on the internet. Many apps provide you with easy features to create animations without any difficulty. You don’t need to have extensive design skills. Experiment with different animation styles and colors to match your brand’s identity and message.

Create Mini Tutorials with a Twist

Offer quick and quirky tutorials related to your niche, but add a surprising twist to them. For example, if you’re a fitness influencer, showcase a “reverse workout” where you demonstrate exercises in reverse. This playful approach will not only capture attention but also leave viewers amused and eager to share your Reel with others.

Run a “Choose Your Adventure” Reel Series

Craft an interactive “Choose Your Adventure” Reel series, where viewers get to decide the next part of the story by voting in the comments. This engaging format can keep your audience hooked as they eagerly participate in shaping the narrative, leading to increased views and comments.

Host a “Reel of Fortune”

Put a fun twist on the classic game show concept with a “Reel of Fortune.” Try making use of the visual wheel and write various tasks on it. You can give different challenges to your audience and make sure they are related to your products and buy Instagram reel views for that post for better visibility. On whatever task your spinning disc falls on try creating content on that and ask your audience to make guesses that what will happen next.

Collaborate with Comedians or Entertainers

You can make collaboration with the comedians or the people that are making comic videos, this will help you to create humorous content that is enjoyed by your audience. Because people are looking for enjoyment on these social media platforms. You can use your product in your humorous videos and make sure to add a trending topic in your content.

“Reel vs. Real” Transformations

Showcase dramatic “Reel vs. Real” transformations that leave your audience astonished. This could include a makeover transformation, a DIY project, or before-and-after scenes. Putting your efforts into creating impressive content related to your brand. You can gain the attention of your viewers and make them eager to have a look at your reels.

Leverage Augmented Reality (AR) Effects

To become popular among others add the element of AR effect in your reels. Make transition videos either you can make a cartoon of yourself or make raw products into a cooked dish. Or moving things from one location to another. Adding this magic of AR will help you to make your content watch-worthy.

Create a Reel Series with Cliffhangers

So you can start creating suspense stories on your Instagram reels so people keep coming back to you. Post the first part of the video and let your audience wait for a second part by adding suspense full of cliffhangers. Make sure that your end reel and suspense keep your audience in touch with your content that what will happen next. Adding the curiosity element in your content will help you to keep your audience stuck to your reel and increase engagement.

Similarly, people post such type of content on YouTube too and buy YouTube short views to increase their audience.

Organize a Reel Dance Challenge

You might have seen that several dance challenges are being created on different social media platforms. So you can also jump into this trend and make sure to add your brand or product to it so your followers can also participate. You can even offer incentives for the most creative entries, encouraging greater participation and sharing.

Use Stop Motion Animation

Experiment with stop-motion animation to create captivating and visually stunning Reels. This technique involves taking a series of photos with slight movements between each shot, resulting in an eye-catching stop-motion effect. Use everyday objects or your products to tell creative stories through this mesmerizing style.

Go Behind-the-Scenes

Viewers sometimes want to see what’s going on behind the curtains. As most of the users are interested to know what’s going on behind the process of creating a product or what the journey of your brand is. Share the creation process of your product or share the bloopers of your video it will help you to gain the attention of your audience. Introduce your team with your growing Instagram followers and let them know how they are working in your brand and this will help in driving more engagement.


Implementing these ideas doesn’t mean that they will start working on the first attempt you have to make a continuous effort and stay authentic with your audience. Because people are looking for real content creators. You have to come up with creativity and show your follower something new. This will help you to create a lasting impression on your viewers. They would love to interact with you again and again and will come back to your account for authentic contact.

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