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The Adoption of Facial Recognition Technology in Australian Gaming Facilities

Facial recognition employs the use of system biometrics in a quest to map facial features from either a photograph or a video. Through comparison of information gathered with a database of known faces, a facial recognition system can find a match. Distinguishable facial feature landmarks are measured by the system from eighty nodal points in approximation hence creating a face print that generates a numerical code. These facial features include cheekbone shape, nose width, jawline length, eye distance, as well as eye sockets depth.

The gaming industry, just as other businesses, had for long relied on law enforcement officers to help spy on their customers. Today, that’s a thing of the past as an increasing number of organisations in the gaming industry adopt facial recognition technology in their gaming facilities. This is more so in Australia where many of such facilities are using this technology’s security algorithms to help trigger alerts when an individual from the firm’s hit list is captured on camera. The technology stands irreplaceable for its ability to identify potential threats which may range from shoplifters to serial offenders in the business-listed in the database.


Following the ability of facial recognition technology to make the gaming industry more secure to both owners and guests alike,  facilities such as The Star Casino in Sydney, Australia brings to the table what it means to have looters in the gaming industry and what the remedy is. In this instance, one of its employees was caught by cameras trying to slide a five thousand dollars chip in his sock. Multiple incidences of this nature could easily lead to the unaccountability of tons of revenues thus leading to fewer profits if not losses.

Consequently, an increasing number of gaming facilities such as The Star Casino will now have the face recognition systems deployed in high-risk zones in the coming months. With new gambling games being introduced from time to time, this will also now form part of the casino’s (ten million dollars security) upgrade. What’s more? The Star Casino plans on making their facial recognition system more than just a security feature. The biometric technology to be deployed in The Star Casino will be incorporated into the casino’s customer service.

Hence, through this technology, customers will be recognized and welcomed back personally to the extent that they could be offered their favourite drink at the bar even before asking. What success! According to casino online aus such feats suggest that facial recognition technology can not only guarantee security in gaming facilities but is also key to bringing back customers to the casino as a result of high-quality customer service.

The Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition in Gaming Facilities

Just like other technological advancements, facial recognition has its pros and cons.

The Pros

Facial recognition brings complete automation of the identification process. Notably, this means that you need not hire dozens of guards one of whom may be liable to corruption. Additionally, the automation of identification brings down the cost and time used in the process.

In addition, higher accuracy levels in recognition stand to be one of the technology’s advantages. With more than eighty nodal points used for recognition by its infrared cameras, the security personnel in the gaming facilities can now monitor every person who comes in and goes out without missing on those in the hit list. Additional pros include the elimination of the need for tactile sensors, simple integration of the technology, and the fraud-proof nature of the technology.

The Cons

The surveillance angle stands to be the biggest of the technologies disadvantage. One requires several facial angles as well as nothing less than an individual’s front view for enrolling a face via the facial recognition software. The technology is also affected by physiological factors, as well as facial hair and sunglasses in some cases. This may lead to ambiguity in the results obtained hence leaving a loophole to be exploited by intruders and evil doers.

Nevertheless, the technology remains one of the best security features gaming facilities need to adopt. A number of governments have recommended the installation of the facial recognition technologies in gaming facilities as a security measure for a long time and it is good to see that many are now taking note.

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