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15 Inspiring Twitter Accounts to Follow

Filling your feed with inspiring content is like surrounding yourself with the right people. Today you have an amazing opportunity to get free inspiration from Twitter. You can follow leading designers, entrepreneurs, photographers and just creative people to find your way, your style, to understand what you like and what you want to do. Indeed, you have a great chance to learn best practices and trends by following industry leaders.

To get inspired is not that easy, inspiration doesn’t come when you want it. It just comes unexpectedly, but I prepared a list of interesting, creative accounts that will put some color to your daily life. These Twitter accounts will make you see situations from different angles, and make you see designs, which you could never think of. They will show you the innovative products, share with you their way of creating memorable experiences. I promise you, they will impress you!

As social media is becoming frustrating because of an overdose of information, I decided to shorten my list to just 15 accounts, which could turn out to be a rich resource for inspiration and fresh ideas for you.

Stay tuned!

1.Clayton Christensen – @claychristensen

Clayton is a Professor at Harvard Business School, he is an author of Competing vs Luck and Cofounder of ChristensenInstitute and Innosight. He is a husband and a father. Christensen changed the way companies do business with his theory of disruptive innovation. Today he’s still trying to change the world, and his tweets are intended to help the process, intended to drive innovation to improve the way we live.

2. Ken Blanchard –  @kenblanchard

Ken is a well-known speaker, leader, and business Guru. He is an author of over 50 books, including The One Minute Manager. He is a “Chief Spiritual Officer” of his management training company. He shares his experience, talking about how to build a strong team spirit. He is an expert in management and leadership.

3. Rachel Botsman –  @rachelbotsman

Rachel is a cool mum, inspiring author, interesting lecturer and trust researcher. She is passionate about technology, she has done a lot of research on collaborative consumption, she offers the human side of the business.

4. Simon Sinek –  @simonsinek

He shares his posts with one purpose: to inspire. Simon is an ethnographer and author, with such books as Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last. His quotes are really well-crafted, centered as they are in his core values of expressing gratitude, fair and ethical leadership, and fulfilling work. Anyone, especially business leaders, will benefit from this visionary’s thinking.

5. Jim Rohn – @OfficialJimRohn

Jim Rohn is considered to be America’s Foremost Business Philosopher. He shares his success philosophies and principles for over 46 years. He calls himself “Mentor to the Masters”. Rohn was an Idaho farm boy, who makes his fortune in Beverly Hills. He posts his stories to inspire and lead the motivational speaking industry. Jim gives a daily dose of confidence and practicality, inspiration and motivation.

6. Dr. Joe Dispenza – @DrJoeDispenza

Dr. Joe is an expert on change, the brain, mind & human potential. He is a researcher, lecturer and New York Times bestselling author. On his Twitter, he explains why your mind matters. And how to make your thoughts bring you notable results.

7. Tony Robbins – @TonyRobbins

Tony wrote an amazing book called “Unshakeable” recognized as America’s #1 bestselling book. This is actually your Financial Freedom Playbook. His Tweets are about 90% with solutions and 10% with problems. Robbins’ page is a business inspiration masterclass.

8. John Rampton –  @johnrampton

John is an entrepreneur and connector. He blogs about his successes and epic failures for Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Mashable, etc. He shares posts about startup world, as well as his inspirational quotes.

9. Susan Cain –  @susancain

Shyness can be difficult to overcome, but if you follow Susan Cain, you’ll always have a guide on how to break this barrier, on how to be yourself, how to be confident. This woman is an expiring example on how to be a lovely wife, mom, successful entrepreneur and great TED talker.

10. Inspiration Morning – @InspirationDay

It is a well-known fact that your thoughts create your life! Your focus determines your future and your fortune. Here you will find random quotes from the most inspirational speakers of the time.

11. Neil Patel – @neilpatel

Neils is an entrepreneur, investor, and influencer. He is also a columnist for Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post & others. He founded CrazyEgg and posts digital marketing tips to increase conversions in the most efficient and pleasant way. He constantly inspires his followers with his value driven approach. He also writes very interesting blog posts which really help marketers to build their sustainable marketing strategies.

12. Dalai Lama –  @DalaiLama

This is the official twitter page of 14th Dalai Lama. Every day he shares his thoughts and philosophic quotes about out life and harmony, success, and happiness, values and mission. His short tweets really make you think about your life, about the way you live and work. About why you are doing what you are doing. After reading his posts, you want to become better, you want to make the world a better place to live.

13. Happier – @happier

If you want to make sure you are always finding happiness in everything you do, start following Happier’s account. Remember, that if you smile to your life, life will smile for you. It is all about our thoughts, about our perception. Our thoughts make a difference. This account helps you stay positive in whatever situation and shows you how to turn weaknesses into strengths.

After reading just a few posts, you will start noticing the awesome things that are already part of your life. Absolutely worth following!

14. Delivering Happiness –  @DHMovement

Delivering Happiness is now a culture and a movement on a mission to inspire passion and purpose in workplaces around the world. Delivering happiness will help you to discover a variety of inspiring quotes, articles, and events that are all designed to make your workplace better. It will make you appreciate what you already have and find areas of improvement to create a positive working atmosphere where everyone feels good.

15. Dr. Happy – @drhappy

Leading expert in happiness & positive psychology. Dr. Happy is a famous speaker, consultant, coach, mentor, writer, and influencer. On his Twitter, he shares his practical tips & strategies for finding more happiness in life. He believes that positive psychology can have a dramatic impact on your daily life. And he posts quotes and inspiration you need to keep yourself feeling great about yourself and any situations in which you might find yourself.

Ekaterina Novoseltseva is a CMO at Apiumhub – software development hub, which is specialized in web & mobile app design and development. rn

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