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How to Work in Canada as a Cyber Security Analyst

Ottawa, Canada, is on the top ten list for best cities for jobs in cybersecurity in the world. On average, you could earn up to $91,832.50 per year, which is almost double the national average salary. Not only will you receive a high salary, but also many work benefits that may include a healthy work-life balance, paid maternity leave, and so much more.

Another great reason to find out how to work in Canada as a cyber security analyst is because it’s a job that is in demand in several Canadian provinces. Let’s explore the leading ones.

Top Cities for Cyber Security Jobs in Canada

1. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is home to the head offices of some well-known tech companies such as Hootsuite, Amazon, Microsoft, and EA. This is the perfect place for young professionals to either start their security analyst career or go a step up. One thing is for sure – you’ll have no shortage of job vacancies as cyber security analysts are in demand in British Columbia under the NOC code 2171.

The average salary in Vancouver is $75,005 per year.

2. Halifax, Nova Scotia

There are many vacancies available for security specialists who are thinking of moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is because Nova Scotia is one of the Atlantic provinces in Canada with a booming economy. Currently, there is a high demand for cyber security and IT professionals in the province. A great benefit for those foreign nationals who have job offers from Nova Scotia is that they can apply for Canadian permanent residency through the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP).

The average salary in Halifax is $82,974 per year.

3. Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is the most populated city in Alberta, with a rapidly growing economy. This means there are constantly new cyber security vacancies opening up all over the city. There are over 500 openings for analysts alone. A great factor is that Calgary is also quite favorable when it comes to the cost of living in comparison to other big cities in Canada.

The average salary in Calgary is $89,396 per year.

To learn more about the best cities to live and work in Canada, go to

How Can You Work in Canada as an Immigrant?

Almost all foreign nationals are required to have a Canadian work permit in order to start working in Canada. The main two options you’ll have are either an open work permit or an employer-specific work permit.

The main differences are:

  • Open Work Permit – you’re able to work for any employer in Canada and any province or territory.
  • Employer-Specific Work Permit – you’re able to work in Canada but with certain restrictions, such as being limited to one employer or location.

Who is eligible to apply for a Canadian work permit application?

Each work visa has different requirements that you may have to meet. However, there are a few minimum requirements that need to be met no matter which type of visa you apply for. They are:

  • Prove to an officer that you’ll leave Canada when your work permit expires;
  • Prove that you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family members during your stay in Canada and to return home;
  • Have no record of criminal activity (you may be requested to give a police clearance certificate);
  • Be in good health;
  • Not plan to work for an employer listed with the status “ineligible” on the list of employers who failed to comply with the conditions; and
  • Give the officer any other documents they may request from you in order to enter Canada.

Obtaining a Canadian work permit can be a long and complicated process. However, there are ways to ensure that your journey is as simple and hassle-free as possible. To learn more about the Canadian work visa application process and how you too can become a cybersecurity analyst in Canada, you can visit this page.

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