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The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Facebook Ad Formats

There’s no doubt that Facebook is an important advertising platform. Facebook advertising has the power to create brand awareness, boost website traffic, engage users and increase leads and sales. Before you pick any Facebook ad type, you should first identify a specific marketing goal that you’d like to accomplish in the future.

The different types of ads are offered in the dashboard for Facebook ads, and each works differently. You will have to choose which type of ad you want to run. Once you figure out which kind of ad works for you, you can create more content in the same type of ad.

It’s important to understand the different types of Facebook ads. In this Facebook ads guide, we will walk you through the world of Facebook ad format types so you can get the best results possible.  By understanding your Facebook ad format and type options, you can design ads that fulfill your specific marketing goals.

Image Ads

Image ads are one of the most basic ad formats which contain only a single image and can be used in multiple different ad types, placements, and aspect ratios. If you use high-quality photos, it can effectively show off your service or products. This ad consists of one image, a call to action, and usually a link to a landing page or blog post. Most eCommerce advertisers use image ads to promote a product and include a link to the product page.

Video Ads

Video ads are similar to image ads, the difference is the ad content format. People spend almost half their time on the app watching videos so it’s proven that Video ads tend to be more engaging than image ads. Video advertising is famous for driving high audience engagement and conversions. Even smaller companies can make simple videos to entertain and connect with their audience. You can run your video ad in Facebook News Feeds and stories, or it can appear as ads in longer Facebook videos.

Slideshow Ads

Facebook Slideshow ads are video slideshows consisting of moving images, text, and sound. It uses a series of still images and effects that show motion, plays sound, and display text to showcase your products. If you have high-performing and engaging Facebook image ads, you can convert them into a slideshow video ad. They’re capable of presenting your offers and stories compellingly, just like video ads.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads give you more versatility by allowing you to showcase 2 or more photos/videos with different headlines. Facebook Ad Manager allows Each image in the carousel to have its title, description, and link to a product page. It will allow customers to locate it from your website or online store. So this ad format will give you the best advantage if you’re promoting a product collection.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic ads look similar to other ads on Facebook and show the right products to the right audience who are interested in your business. But dynamic ads tend to be more time-consuming to set up as they come with more requirements than basic Facebook ads. For successful dynamic ads, make it easy for people to convert. Keep all things seamless and intuitive, from your targeting to your ad copy, creatives, and landing pages.

Lead Form Ads

Facebook lead ads are a lead-generation tactic that allows you to run lead-generation campaigns on Facebook. When you click on your Facebook ad, it will land you on a form. Put equal efforts into creating a good lead form with a background creative that matches your ad otherwise people find it uninteresting and leave the ad.

Facebook offers a broad range of ad formats and ad types that can meet the needs of any business or industry. You can only take advantage of Facebook Ads to the fullest when you know how to run ad campaigns properly with compelling content. If Facebook advertising isn’t already a part of your marketing strategy, then you are missing all the benefits Facebook advertising has to offer.

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