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Twelve South HiRise Pro for MacBook Review

Nothing oozes comfort and customizability like the Twelve South HiRise Pro for Macbook. This stand helps you work at a comfortable height with your MacBook.

With the HiRise Pro for MacBook, you can say goodbye to placing your device on a pile of books or other unconventional surfaces before having that all-important business meeting or movie timeout.

Twelve South is a leading designer of Apple accessories and now introduced the HiRise Pro MacBook, as the first height-adjustable, MagSafe-compatible MacBook stand.

Excellent height adjustments

The HiRise Pro MacBook gives you that rare option of adjusting the stand-up and down to your desired height. This means not only does the Twelve South HiRise Pro for MacBook stand raise the laptop off your desk, but it also allows you to raise and lower the laptop’s display.

The stand ensures comfort while also allowing your MacBook to be an additional screen when plugged into an external monitor, creating the perfect dual-display work setup.

The lowest setting of the HiRise Pro is 2.5″ off the desktop surface, with settings going as high as  6″ off the surface to ensure that comfortable work or leisure period. The height can easily be adjusted by loosening the piston and positioning the laptop to the preferred height before tightening the thumb screw.

Strong stand and amazing design

Apart from the excellent height adjustments, the stand has a rubberized surface that prevents your MacBook from sliding around. The lower end also rises slightly to keep the MacBook from sliding off the stand. This means the open design of the Twelve South HiRise Pro for MacBook can hold anything from an 11″ MacBook Air to the large 16″ MacBook Pro.

Twelve South’s latest MacBook stand has an amazing design made from metal. The design is sleek and beautifully matches the silver and black aesthetic of Apple’s Pro accessory line.

MagSafe chargers

The new Twelve South HiRise Pro for MacBook may have been inspired by the design of the original HiRise, but it adds some key innovations. This includes the built-in housing for a MagSafe Charger. This means you can power your iPhone or AirPods while working without taking up space on the desk or needing extra cables.

To use the MagSafe Charger, you have to flip the stand over and remove the gray rubber insert sitting in the middle of the base. There is a cut-out that has the perfect size for a MagSafe Charger. The back of the stand holds the charger’s cable securely in place, thus keeping it out of the way. You can conveniently plug in your cable and charge your phone.

Honourable mention

Twelve South has partnered with talented photographers to create a collection of screen backgrounds that connect the laptop’s display with an external display. Not only will you enjoy the experience of using the HiRise Pro, but you get to enjoy excellent backgrounds without paying extra.


The new Twelve South HiRise Pro for MacBook is a must-have. The height adjustment stand is a pacesetter for potential laptop stands. If you want to enjoy the best workspace experience, the HiRise Pro is for you as it keeps your display at the optimal height for viewing or video calls, allowing you to have the webcam at eye level for that fine appearance on video calls. Getting the stand is worth the hype, especially if you are a remote worker with a limited space.

HiRise Pro is available now for £99.99 from Amazon UK.

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