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What are Voice Acting And Its Best Practices in 2023

Voice acting has become an essential tool for businesses as companies increasingly rely on audio-visual content like podcasts, webinars, and video ads to engage with customers.

Voice Acting has become an essential tool for businesses as companies increasingly rely on audio-visual content like podcasts, webinars, and video ads to engage with customers. 

Here’s a look at voice acting and its best practices in 2023. 

What Is Voice Acting?

Voice Acting is creating unique vocal performances that capture an audience’s attention. This type of performance includes speaking roles in films, television shows, video games, radio plays, audiobooks, and other forms of media.

Voice Actors use their vocal talents to bring characters or stories to life with their distinct accents and inflections. In recent years, voice acting has become increasingly popular for businesses looking to impact their customers.

From podcasts and radio ads to video games and television commercials, voice acting is everywhere.

What Makes Voice Acting So Effective? 

Voice Actors can evoke emotion much better than traditional text because they can use vocal dynamics (intonation, pitch, and volume) to create a believable performance that captures listeners’ attention.

It is essential for media–businesses in 2023 to stand out from the crowd with unique and exciting voices that draw people in. In addition, voice actors can add personality and context to any script by choosing words or phrases that give it more life and color.  

Best Practices to Work With Voice Actors in 2023

As Technology advances, so does the world of voice acting. Here are some essential best practices for businesses looking to take advantage of this booming field.

Understand your Target Audience

When selecting the perfect voice actor to fit the needs of your project, you must have a good understanding of who the target audience is.

If you are creating a commercial or educational video, look for someone who has a professional demeanor and can articulately deliver their dialogue.

For Entertainment-related projects, such as video games or animations, look for someone with an inviting yet persuasive style that will appeal to your intended viewers.

A Voice Actor with both these qualities could be ideal for communicating a message that requires an entertaining delivery. Take the time to source actors to select someone whose tonality is appropriate for your target audience.

Find the Perfect voice for your project

Finding the perfect voice for your project is one of the essential steps in achieving maximum success. You can bring people together with the right voice, evoke emotion, and grab their attention.

It’s essential to find a professional and persuasive voice that can truly capture the heart of your project. In addition, you should look for a flexible voice that can adjust its performance as needed to stay true to your vision.

To get the most out of your voice actor, ensure that they comprehend all directions, have strong enunciation skills and have warm and sincere delivery.

Here are a few tips:

  • Define what tone and style of interpretation you need.
  • Reach out to professional and experienced vocal talent who might fit the bill.
  • You can find such talent on social media platforms, freelance websites, and job boards.
  • Provide the voice actor with related expectations to see if they’re the right person for the job.
  • Consider their experience regarding voicing similar genres and their ability to sound persuasive.
  • Don’t just find someone with an appropriate voice but ensure they possess a high level of professionalism too.

Request Audition Recordings

By requesting an audition recording or demo from the voice actor before they start work on your project, you can ensure that the voice is suitable for your project.

A good voice actor should be able to tailor their delivery for each specific project and provide a recording tailored to your needs. It allows you to get precisely the tone and delivery you’re looking for in your project with no additional guesswork.

An Audition recording or demo from the actor can also help establish a clear direction regarding expectations between both parties.

Requesting an audition or demo shows confidence in the actor while saving time and hassle during the production process.

Match each Project with the Right Talent

With so many talented and experienced voice actors, achieving the perfect match for your project can seem overwhelming.

But don’t give up. Instead, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about what type of timbre and emotion best represent your product.

If a warm, professional tone would make your pitch more persuasive—seek someone who possesses that quality. Or if you need a more dynamic approach to engage younger audiences—go with a talented performer who speaks as if they are talking directly to them.

Don’t be afraid to invest time and energy in getting what you want. It’ll make all the difference when consumers hear about the finished product.

Provide Clear Directions about the project

You must give your voice actor clear instructions for success. Be sure to provide them with a detailed scenario of the aim and desired outcome, including the demographic you want them to target.

Explain the format and structure that makes sense to you, any potential scene directions or edits you expect, and background context regarding tone, speed, and style.

Ask what kind of support they require from you and make yourself available to answer questions or provide feedback throughout their performance. It will help ensure the effectual execution of your project requirements.

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