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Masters Programs in Singapore

There is more to enrolling for a Master’s program in Singapore than just spending one or two years living in a stimulating, exotic place. You also get the chance to learn everything about the forward-thinking and vibrant intellectual culture in Singapore. Enrolling in a Master’s in Singapore is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the institutions’ high-tech innovations and learn from them. In this article, you will get first-hand information about everything you have always wanted to know about enrolling for a Master’s education in Singapore. So keep reading.

What to expect

Across entire South-East Asia, Singapore has been a hub for academic superiority and is also an excellent holiday destination. The location boasts of having some of the best international and top-ranked higher learning institutions. That’s not all. The universities in Singapore incorporate state-of-the-art research centers, world-renowned education, and quality learning and teaching.

Below are what you should expect to find in Singapore when enrolling for a Masters education;

  • Prestigious higher learning institutions

As earlier mentioned, universities in Singapore are top-ranked. The country currently boasts of two of its publicly-funded institutions being in the top 100 higher learning institutions globally. So, if your dream is to join a public university in Singapore for a Master’s program, expect to join institutions like Singapore University of Technology and design, Singapore Management University, and the National University of Singapore.

The remaining three institutions include Singapore University of Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore Institute of Technology. Additionally, enrolling in institutions like gives you the option of choosing to study full-time or part-time. What does that mean? It means that you can still run your projects while still undertaking a postgraduate course. Or, you can decide to concentrate on one thing at a time and finish studying within a shorter period.

  • Funding opportunities

If you are an international student, you have no reason to worry about getting funding that will get you through the entire study period. Higher learning institutions in Singapore include a wide range of tuition-financial backing and scholarships options. Usually, in most institutions, these options are open to both international and local students willing to study in Singapore. The primary purpose of such funding is to support and motivate students to assume the responsibilities of being in charge of future generations.

  • English is the instruction language

If English is your first language, you have no reason to worry about studying in a renowned university in Singapore. All universities in Singapore, public or private, have lecturers that teach in English. English is a common language in Singapore since it is the mother tongue of most Singaporeans.

Benefits of studying for a Masters degree in Singapore

From the wide range of learning benefits in Singapore, the following are the main advantages;

  • You get the chance to choose from eight ANZ/UK/USA institutions and six disciplines.
  • You get to choose between full-time or part-time study depending on your engagements.
  • You experience a conducive learning environment.
  • You complete your studies within 12 to 48 months.

Areas of interest to explore

Lastly, you can explore your favorite areas of interest, including business management, accounting and finance, and cyber security courses. Additionally, life sciences, engineering, and analytical courses are also available.

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