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8 Corporate Video Production Styles for Social Media in 2022

Corporate video production has undergone a major shift in the past decade. Once, these videos were meant for internal purposes and were rarely shared with the public. Today, companies are turning to social media as a tool to engage with customers and share their stories.

Documentary Style Videos

This approach is perfect if you have an internal story that needs telling or needs to authentically showcase specific features or elements of your business. Documentary filming gives off the impression of authenticity because it feels like “real life” (even though it may not be).

Narrative Videos

This approach works best when trying to tell a story about something specific but doesn’t lend itself well to narrative filmmaking, which is why we love pairing them together!


You can use graphics and animation to show what you do. For example, if your business is about making coffee for people at work, you could take the shape of a cup of coffee (or any other shape) and animate it into an office space where people are working hard on their laptops. Then, you could animate the cup moving through space toward someone’s hand—and they take the sip!

3D Animation

Animation videos are the best way to share your story and connect with your audience. Before we get into why, let’s look at what animation videos are, exactly.

3D animation is the most expensive but also the most advanced and detailed way to create an animated video for your business. It uses 3D models and rendering software to create a realistic environment for your product or service.

360 Videos

The rise of 360-degree video has been dramatic. In just a few years, technology has gone from being a novelty to an industry norm. Now that most people have access to this type of content, it’s time to start using it.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are a great way to convey information and make it memorable. The concept is simple: an animated person draws on a whiteboard while explaining the ideas behind it. This can be just about anything, from how to tie your shoes to how the universe was formed and the meaning of life.

Typography Videos

A typography video is a short, powerful, and creative animated video that uses letters as a visual representation of the company’s message. Typography videos are best when used in social media posts and ads.

Live Action Videos (with a real person)

Live-action videos are a great way to connect with your audience. It’s simple and relatable, which makes it easier for people to understand what you do or offer without spending time reading through paragraphs of text.

Tips and Tricks to Create Mesmerizing Videos

In your corporate video, look for the following:

  • The scriptwriter understands the objective of your corporate video and how it ties into your overall marketing strategy.
  • It is short and sweet; viewers have little patience for long-winded videos that don’t deliver an immediate value proposition.
  • There’s visual storytelling to breathe life into your script by adding relevant images from real-world scenarios that support what’s being said in narration or dialogue.
  • The style for your corporate video fits right with your business — whether that means using comedy or drama depends on what works best for your brand!
  • Finally: music makes everything better! Make sure the music set an emotional tone for scenes as well as sound effects when appropriate (for example: footsteps).

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