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Top Tips for Buying a New Laptop

Okay, it is not the same price bracket as buying a new house or car, but choosing a new laptop is one of the bigger decisions you will make. Not only can the cost mount up, but laptops are an important part of peoples’ lives in the modern world.

The potential choice of new laptops is vast. That spells good and bad for the consumer. On the plus side, there is always an option to suit every taste and pocket. On the downside, finding the wheat from the chaff to find the best laptop for you is increasingly difficult.

This article gives you the lowdown on what you need to be looking for and how to go about your search for the best new laptop. Read on to have an idea of the things to consider before making that purchase.

Cutting through the chaff

As with any technical piece of equipment, finding the right laptop can be daunting even if you have a bit of knowledge about speeds and feeds. If you don’t, it can seem impossible.

The good news is that you can actually cut across the technical terms fairly easily. The reality is you only need to clue up on a few. The speed you need your laptop to run is an important factor (CPU speed), as is its memory (RAM). Outside of that, there is nothing that you cannot quickly come up to speed with.

Focus on your needs

All that said, the best thing to focus on at first is what you need from your laptop. In the same way that you would not buy a Smart Car for shipping heavy goods or a sports car to race off-road, buying a laptop is about aligning round pegs with the same sized holes.

Think about how you use your machine, and what you expect it to do. Will it come everywhere with you, or will it be mostly used at home? Do you play games frequently, or do you need them more for word processing tasks? Have a few main priorities in mind before you do anything else.

Shape and size

The size of the unit and the screen is the best starting point because these you cannot change. Most other parts of your laptop can be upgraded or maintained as you go, but its size and screen quality cannot.

Whether you go for a smaller screen with longer battery life and greater portability, or a larger screen with its associated downsides, it is an important decision. Think carefully about the weight, and whether you would be able to comfortably carry it if you travel or commute on a frequent basis.

Quality and build

The resolution of your screen is another important factor. Look for a screen that does what you need it to. Not every screen has touchscreen functionality for example, so pay attention!

Some users can’t live without this, while for others it is simply not something they use. If you fall into the latter category, choose a device without a touchscreen as it can add a layer of gloss to the display.

4K resolution is another decision to make. If you do not really need it, consider doing without it as it can add cost as well as reduce the battery life when you are out and about without access to a charging point.

Get your hands on it!

Although you can find out a lot about a laptop by looking at pictures and specifications online, there is no real substitute for touching and feeling it. Sometimes a laptop just feels right for you, and you can check out the display resolution too.

You should also do a bit more digging, and check out some user reviews on Amazon or other review sites. Read a selection of reviews, especially the bad ones to see what can potentially go wrong with your shortlisted PCs. User reviews as well as those written by professional writers are worth checking out.

The last word

Alongside the screen, the keyboard is one of the most important parts of your laptop. Check for a configuration you can work with, and snappy responsiveness. This will be an especially important consideration if you type a lot of work with email for a good portion of your day.

Above all, enjoy your hunt for a new laptop. It is not every day you get to buy an exciting piece of technology that helps you do everything from work from home to playing games or watching movies. Make the search about you, do your homework, and you are certain to find the best fit!

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