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Looking After Your Physical and Mental Health as a Gamer

Gaming is a hobby that doesn’t involve much risk. Instead of going out into the world to climb rocks, surf large waves, or hike up mountains, you get to sit inside your safe and comfortable home while pressing the right buttons. That doesn’t mean there is zero risk, however. While you might not break your leg after falling off a cliff in a video game, there are certain mental and physical risks for gaming for too long (or not correctly). To keep yourself as healthy as possible as a gamer, keep reading.

Invest in a Good Chair 

First of all, you must look after your posture, as many gamers end up with hunched shoulders due to how they sit while gaming. A good gaming chair will help you with this. For the best gaming chair, you want one that supports your back fully to maintain good posture. You should also look out for one with armrests and easy-to-clean material.

Take Regular Breaks 

It’s OK to spend your free time gaming. It’s a good way to unwind, relax, and even spend time with friends after a day at work. What you shouldn’t do, however, is spend five-hours straight staring at a screen without getting up to even stretch your legs. If you know you’re going to spend a long evening gaming, set a timer for regular breaks, so you don’t end up sitting in the same position for hours on end.

Keep a Clean Gaming Area 

An unclean gaming area isn’t healthy. You could be breathing in dust, picking up germs, and subconsciously making yourself feel mentally uncomfortable. Add cleaning your gaming area to your regular chores so that you always have a clean and tidy space to sink into whichever game you’re playing at the time.

Do Another Activity Before Bed 

What is your nighttime routine? If it involves gaming right up until the moment before sleep, you need to adjust your schedule. There is nothing wrong with gaming in the evening, but playing video games just before bed will harm the quality of your sleep. Instead, ditch the screens and read a book or write in your journal before settling down for the night.

Get Some Fresh Air 

Gaming is a hobby that takes place inside. If you spend a lot of your time gaming, you might end up not getting outside for much time at all. The thing is, you need fresh air and sunlight for good health, so the next time you spend the day inside playing video games, make an effort to take a few steps outside to soak up the outdoor air.

Notice When Enjoyment turns to Frustration 

Getting a little frustrated when being killed by an enemy or when losing your loot in a video game is normal. What is not normal, however, is shouting at the monitor or throwing a piece of equipment in a rage. It’s important to take note of these moments and turn off the gaming system for a while. Gaming should be fun, not frustrating, so choose games that genuinely bring you joy. Otherwise, you could end up an angrier and moodier person, affecting both your mental health and your relationships.

With this advice in mind, you can enjoy your gaming hobby while looking after your physical and mental health.

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