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Top 4 iTunes Cop Related Apps That You Want To Download

With the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, iTunes will continue to thrive with new, faster, furious apps. And a lot of them are pretty cool. Law Enforcement is another area where app developers are now developing both utility and entertainment apps. iPhone apps have now started assisting cops with their daily work, and eventually strengthen the justice system. Believe that? Yeah right!

Being a cop is not easy. Police officers have to work hard to keep the law and order, especially in bad neighborhoods. To simplify the job of cops to some extent, and to enable them accomplish their tasks more efficiently, some geeks have come up with several iPhone apps. To keep the boredom away, some entertainment cop related apps have surfaced in the app marketplace too. Even if you are not a police officer, or someone entering the field of law enforcement, having the below mentioned apps on your smart phone may be of interest to you. Especially, when they can entertain you.

  1. Cop Radar:

Cop Radar, a simulated iPhone app, shows you how cops detect vehicles exceeding the speed limit. This app acts like police radar and shows you that how easy it is for cops to identify automobiles that violate the speed limits. Well, on a serious note, this app does not have any true radar functionality. It has been created for entertainment purposes only. It simply produces some visual and sound effects that are similar to the effect produced by police radar. Now, by downloading this app you know how police officers catch you the next time you are speeding on the freeway. You can also show your friends how the police radar works. Great for amusement! Isn’t it?

cop radar  cop radar iphone app

The main features of the app are:

  • Picks up signals that arise when a vehicle moves at a speed greater than the speed limit.
  • Has an alarm, which sounds when an automobile breaks the speed limit.
  • This App is not a real radar and is a great entertainment app. Worth the bucks.
  1. Spanish for Police:

The Spanish for Police app is loaded with entertainment and utility. Cops often come across situations in which they need to deal with suspects or victims in a foreign language. If you do not know Spanish, and have no one to help you with the translation, the app “Spanish for Police” can make things easy for you.

The app has more than 160 simple questions and commands in Spanish, meant for law enforcement and police officials. The questions and commands are available in both written form and audio translations. The app also has the entire Miranda Rights translated in Spanish. The app is extremely useful for security officers, sheriff deputies, state troopers and police officers. Youngsters with a keen interest in the field of law enforcement will also find it to be helpful.


The key features of the app are:

  • Phrases are very short, simple and straightforward.
  • Audio translations are slowly spoken. You can understand and learn them easily.
  • The entire Miranda Rights is spoken in Spanish.
  • Questions are designed such that they solicit ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as the answer.
  1. DUI Warning and Test Instructions:

The iPhone app “DUI Warning and Test Instructions” helps cops whenever they are dealing with a person who seems to be influenced by alcohol or drugs. Now, police officers do not need to bear the headache of finding the ‘DUI Implied Consent Warning card’, whenever they come across a DUI suspect. The app shows you the exact instructions that you need to read to the suspects. After giving instructions on what kind of tests are to be given by the suspects, you can read the tips featured in the app. These tips would help you determine whether the suspect is truly under the influence of alcohol or drugs or not.

apps  iphone apps

The main features of the app are:

  • Acts like the ‘DUI Implied Consent Warning card’ and has all ‘Field Sobriety Test instructions’. Thousands of cops in the US have to give these instructions every day.
  • Has instructions and help for tests like – Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, One Leg Stand and Walk and Turn.
  • Has a .08 chart, which indicates how each drink influences the blood alcohol level.
  1. Field Contact:

Field Contact lets cops store all the important information in their phone. The information may include photographs, dates, names, addresses, aliases, vehicle information and physical descriptions. Police officers can use their iPhone like pen and paper with the help of this app. This app allows you to document, share and save your field contact details, simply and conveniently. It consists of advanced search features, which enable you recall your stored contacts. Now, you do not need to search for your pen and notepad, or take your camera along in the field. Capture all relevant details digitally using the tool Field Contact.

app apps

Here are the major features of the app:

  • Has data fields specific to law enforcement. These fields contain predefined options, allowing you to scroll and enter your desired choice. This makes things easier and quicker.
  • Has option to enter multiple locations, marks, tattoos, scars and vehicles.
  • Has option to add and enlarge photos.
  • Lets you email entire contacts, including pictures, to email addresses.
  • Lets you send entire contacts to other Field Contact users.
  • Highly secure, requires passcode for security.

With these iPhone apps, cops can not only work more conveniently and efficiently, but also add some scoops of entertainment to their job. Even if you are not a cop, you can download these interesting apps to amuse yourself while gathering some knowledge about a cop’s work.

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