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Top 5 Christmas iPhone Apps You Should Download Now

It’s Christmas time!! Time to eat great foods, have fun with family and friends, and make merry. You must have started planning how to make this Christmas as joyous as possible. Well, if you are looking for ideas to have a great celebration, there are several iPhone apps to help you. From a huge collection of Christmas apps, I have picked a few that would not only entertain you, but some of them would also be of practical help to you when you are preparing for the celebration.

Here are some exciting iPhone Christmas apps you should get in your phone today:

1. Christmas Quiz 2015

christmas Quiz 2015

Love quizzes? Then the Christmas Quiz 2015 is the app to go for! This is an interesting quiz app on things related to the grand festival of Christmas, like Christmas traditions, carols, movies, music, symbols, facts, foods, drinks and more…. The app not only entertains you, but also educates you on Christmas. With this app, you can know the festival better. And now is the time you should download this app, as Christmas is just a few days away. You can also play the quiz with family and friends as a party activity.

Price: $0.99

2. 101 Christmas Cake Ideas

101 christmas cake idea

Planning to bake during the festive season? But don’t have enough ideas to decorate your cakes? Well, this is the app for you then. In this app, you would get a reference guide to a large number of templates, decorations and patterns for preparing a festive cake.

Price: Free

3. A Royal Christmas

royal christmasroyal christmas 2

This app shows three Disney princesses celebrating Christmas in three different stories – Cindrella organizes a party with the help of Blue Fairy Godmother; Tiana hosts yuletide celebration were she meets some unexpected visitor; and Ariel holds a treasure hunt for Christmas. The app also has mini games like Christmas tree-decorating and jigsaw puzzles.

Price: $4.99

4. Santa’s Christmas Village

santa's christmas village

This app is packed with over 13 games having exciting holiday themes. You can find minesweeper, hangman, checkers, solitaire and much more. It also has 20 holiday songs. Even if you are not that excited by games, Santa’s Christmas Village makes a great app for kids to keep them entertained and engaged in the holidays.

Price: $1.99

5. Xmas Sudoku

Xmas sudoku

Sudoku is a great game during any time of an year. Well, now you can even find Sudoku apps with the Christmas spirit. This Xmas Sudoku game app has been built by Dracosoft, and makes a great app for the amateurs in the game of Sudoku as well as the pros. The app has 3 gameplay modes – easy, medium and hard, and consists of more than 30 levels. Additionally, every Sudoku puzzle in the app has a festive makeover done on it, with small icons related to the festival like stars, stockings and trees replacing the usual symbols that appear in most old Sudoku apps.

Price: $0.99

So, get set to download these entertaining iPhone Christmas apps now! They would certainly make your holidays and celebrations more cheerful.

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