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5 Captivating iPhone Games to Play in 2016

For a game lover, a great way to start the new year is getting some exciting games in his/her iPhone. So, if you are one of those game lovers, you must be looking for best iPhone games that can give a workout to your mind.

To make your search easier, here I have listed some of the best iPhone games that you should certainly start playing this year. Read on….

1. Mods for Minecraft Game

mods of minecraft

This iPhone app is a must for the Minecraft lovers. An ultimate guide for serious players of Minecraft, the Mods for Minecraft Game lets you do various mods to your Minecraft game. The app offers you lots of mods that you can install in your game quite fast. It also shows you how the mods operate. The mods offered by this app make your game far more intriguing. If you love playing Minecraft, go for dowloading this app.

Price: $2.99

2. Trivia Crack

trivia crack

Trivia Crack is a highly addictive iPhone game, which challenges your mind and the minds of your friends. The game is a blend of visually attractive cartoon designs and a broad selection of question types. You can play against random opponents or Facebook friends, and spin the wheel for answering questions covering various fields like entertainment, art, geography, history, science or sports. The player must master every category for winning the game.

Price: Free

3. FTL: Faster Than Light

faster than light

Looking for challenging space adventures? Then, this is the game for you. In this game, you are a Federation starship’s captain, who needs to fight and escape a huge rebel armada to protect the last hope of the Federation for victory. On the way, you would uncover strange mysteries, navigate uncharted regions, and fight with slavers and pirates, while putting efforts not to lose oxygen or fuel. A large number of ships unlock, and since the galaxy is randomly created, no two games would be same.

Price: $9.99

4. Real Racing 3

real racing

Real Racing 3 offers an awesome driving experience, which would inspire you to head for the open road. The game lets you drive various kinds of cars that look realistic, and speed them over appealing racetracks. The fun and excitement doesn’t cease since you can find numerous game modes, as you complete standard races, time trials and the Time Shift multiplayer mode. Additionally, you can continuously get new content like new racing events and new cars.

Price: Free

5. Monument Valley

monument valley

Monument Valley is a beautiful game app, with lovely music in it. The puzzle designs in the game are inspired by M.C. Escher prints and optical illusions. As princess Ida travels through several surreal structures and monuments, you need to navigate hidden paths and manipulate some mechanisms, which may need you to rotate the map for understanding each puzzle.

Price: $3.99

So, start the year 2016 by playing these exciting iPhone games. They are great to keep you entertained when you get bored. You can play them alone or can play with your friends. Download them today!

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Eva Green is working in a company mobile app development London and passionate about new technologies, gadgets, mobile, apps, 3D Printers. Here passion is sharing user experiences, reviews for difference gadgets, ecommerce development and mobile, iPhone, android apps. She is very much tech savvy so ask here anything related to latest gadgets, websites, mobile apps.

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