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How to Find a Place Near AT&T Stadium

Whether you’re a fan of the Dallas Cowboys or simply like to be near a stadium that has ongoing events, living near the AT&T Stadium is definitely ideal. However, finding a place to live near such a desired area can be tricky.

If you’re on the hunt for apartments in Arlington, TX use a few of these tips to land the perfect one.

Ask the Locals

No matter how hard you look, the locals will always have the best insight on where and how to find the best apartment near the stadium. If you have friends in the area then giving them a call to ask who has the most ideal apartments and how you can get in touch with the owners should be your first step.

However, if you’re new to the area with limited resources simply going to a local coffee shop can do the trick. The thing about Texas is mostly everyone is friendly. Striking up a conversation with a fellow coffee connoisseur or just asking the employees for advice can land you in an apartment in no time.

Look on the Outskirts

Finding a place within walking distance from the stadium isn’t impossible but it definitely can be difficult. This is why looking on the outskirts of the area will not only give you better and more options but it’s likely to save you some money too.

While being right next to the stadium has its perks, don’t dismiss the thought of heading a few minutes away as there are just as many activities and sites to explore.

Search Google

If you strike out on talking to a local or heading a few miles away from the stadium, comparing apartment listing sites are sure to help you score a new place. Don’t limit your search to just one site as while you may think all sites have the same listings, this is typically not the case.

Most owners only list on one or two sites so expanding your search to at least three to five different listing sites will surely provide you with numerous options.

Consider All Aspects

Being close to the AT&T Stadium is quite ideal, however, don’t limit yourself specifically to that area just for that reason. Arlington, TX is an incredible city with much to offer. Wherever you find a place within this city or even on the outside of the city will still provide you with the atmosphere you are looking for plus other benefits you may not have even considered.

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