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Top 3 Key Factors To Selecting An ISP

Connectivity is critical to the success of any enterprise. Selecting an Internet service provider for a business is unlike selecting an internet service provider for a residence; terms of service agreements, cable television packages, and other benefits are unlikely to make a difference to the entrepreneur.

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Cost is an important part of any business venture. When selecting an internet service provider for a business, first look at the cost. Comparing costs can be difficult, as many quoted costs include different benefits. Prior to comparing costs, business owners must determine what features that require for their business and ignore the rest.


The amount of bandwidth available to customers is important. Speed is somewhat important, although with most service providers, it will not be a problem. Most ISPs have some sort of limit on the amount of total bandwidth that each customer may use. For businesses operating servers, this can be an issue.

Speed is important to any ISP customer. In a commercial setting, speed may affect the ability to access customer information quickly from an off-site database, speed can provide the company with flexibility to host data, and speed can provide businesses with the ability to access mail and news sources. Normally, the speed of any broadband service provider will not be a problem. However, slow ISPs should be ruled out, as the time expended staring at a computer and waiting for a screen to load is unproductive time. The time spent throughout the day for all employees to wait for internet access can significant impact employee productivity. The experts at can assist in calculating the correct amount of bandwidth to support any businesses needs.

Some ISPs also limit the amount of monthly data that customers may use. Before selecting an ISP that has transfer caps, businesses should ensure that they have relatively low computing needs. Selecting an Internet service provider with low bandwidth caps can result in significant penalties if the business requires more. To reduce computing needs and save money over an unlimited data plan, employers should ensure that they have a policy forbidding internet use for personal purposes and software that blocks bandwidth-intensive video and downloading sites.


Businesses must have a reliable link to the Internet. An inability to access customer information, communicate with other branches, access news, and operate servers can cripple a business. If a service provider is known for providing sporadic service or if that ISP is slow in responding to customer complaints, businesses should select a competitor.

Reliability is not as critical as it used to be. Most mobile phones offer news alerts with email and messaging services. Even so, it takes time to use mobile phones, not every employee will have a phone with Internet access, and high bandwidth requirements will need a land line. Businesses will lose money every second that they are unable to respond to customer needs, provide customers with information, or access customer data.

Businesses that are unable to respond to customer needs will have significant problems obtaining new customers and with customer retention. To avoid Internet outages, expensive overage charges, and cost overruns, businesses should ensure that their ISP is reliable, capable, and inexpensive.

Chris Bennett is a network consultant and freelance writer for Choosing the correct Internet Service Provider can make or break your business. The trained professionals at Construx Solutions will ensure you have all of the pertinent facts to make an informed decision for your business.

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