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SyFy Network Gives Cable Subscribers Reason To Stay

Science fiction has long been a staple of literature, radio, television, and movies. It was inevitable that a television channel would emerge, and it would be called the Sci-Fi Channel. It’s been met with mixed reviews, underwent a name change to SyFy Channel, and added some premium content including “Alphas,” “Warehouse 13,” and “Face Off.” These excellent programs have definitely helped bring back viewers, but it’s what they’ve done offline that really has created some buzz.

Dubbed “SyFy Sync,” this iPad app is quite ingenious and takes advantage of a movement known as “second screen.” In essence, second screen is a technology that syncs your mobile device with what’s currently airing on television.

Simply put, launch the SyFy Sync app while watching the SyFy channel and the app will automatically sync with the show and begin offering up additional content, behind-the-scenes looks, and an excellent social media interface that lets app users chat it up with other sci-fi fans through Twitter and Facebook.

The first SyFy Channel program to get this syncopated treatment is their top-rated reality show “Face Off.” The purpose of the show is where sci-fi and horror-genre makeup artists compete against each other creating makeup effects seen in the types of shows that air on the SyFy Channel.

Hosted by McKenzie Westmore from the famous Westmore family of makeup artists, “Face Off” gives makeup artists a chance to win cash money and actually launch a career as a makeup artist. SyFy Sync users get access to all the tricks of the trade, real “behind-the-scenes” moments with contestants and judges, and the feeling of being connected to the outcome of the show by interacting with other fans as the series plays out.

Currently the app is only available for iOS devices, but the promise of an Android app is on the horizon, which will open up a potentially huge new audience for the SyFy Channel and its lineup of top quality programs.

If you’re a previous fan of the old “Sci-Fi” Channel but left for whatever reasons, or are looking for something new to watch that will utterly take you by surprise, it’s time the check out the new SyFy Channel and its excellent primetime lineup. It’s also time to tap into their new SyFy Sync app for iPad and soon Android, and see what second screen programming is all about.

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