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How To Choose The Best Opticals According To Your Face Shape

Opticals are sometimes attractive to eyes when displayed in stores, but not so great when you place them on your eyes. This basically might be due to the wrong style of the glasses you choose. Every face has a different shape and you need to purchase it based on the shape of your face. The key to an obsequious frame is choosing it based on your personality and face. You can always pick a frame that enhances your facial features.

What is the Shape of your Face?

The shape of your face determines the style of your opticals. You should analyze your face with neatly tied hair completely that is away from your face. You can take a close look at the shape and every contour of your head and face in a mirror and assess which optical design suits you the most.

Face shapes and Optical frames types that will fit best


Because of the balanced proportions, the oval shape is considered to be an ideal face shape. It maintains the natural balance of the facial features. You must look out for wider optical frames. Walnut-shaped frames are narrow and too deep and always a good choice.

Heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face is considered to be a triangle-shaped face. To reduce the width on the top of the face, always choose frames that are wider on the bottom. Light-colored and thin rimless frames are good choices for such face shapes.


The oblong face shape is wide and long in structure. They have a straight cheek line. To make the face shape appear more balanced and shorter, you should try optical frames that have more width and depth. You can also add in frames with contrasting temples.

Square face shape

A square facial shape will have strong jaws and a broad forehead. The length and width of the face usually have rough proportions. Hence, to make your face look longer, you need to soften the angles. Try using narrow frames that have more width than depth.

Diamond face shape

The diamond face shapes are narrow with broad cheekbones that are dramatic and high in view. You need to use optical frames that highlight your eyes and soften your cheekbones.  Cat-eye-shaped and rimless optical glasses are of great choice.

Round Face shape

A round face has curved lines and does not have any angles. To make a round face look longer and thinner, you should opt for narrow optical frames that will lengthen your face. Always use opticals with rectangular frames and a clear bridge.

Base-down facial shape

A base-down shape has a narrow forehead, wide chin, and cheek areas. To add more width and to emphasize your narrow face shape, you can try optical frames that are heavily accented and have a cat-eye shape.

Consider Frame colors that match your Skin tone

Like the shape of the face, your skin tone also plays a major role in the frames to look best on your face. The more important factors include hair color, eye color, skin tone, etc. Always see to it that you select your shades as per your skin tone.

Warm Skin Tone

If you have a bronze, golden, and yellow cast on your skin, then it is considered a warm skin tone. Always try to avoid contrasting colors in your opticals. Using black and white skin frames will not go well. Therefore, use brown, gold honey, olive green, and beige shades.

Cool Skin Tone

If your skin undertones are blue or pink, then you have a cool complexion. Avoid using colors like black, dark tortoise, grey, and mauve.

Now that you have known the choices always go for the optical that matches your personality.

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