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How To: Try on Glasses at Home

Social distancing has become the new norm as a measure to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we adjust to new routines and staying at home 24/7, you are likely finding that you have more free time than ever before? Us too! There’s never been a better time for that sneaky midday shop while you’re ‘working’, so we’ve put together this handy how-to guide to make it even easier to buy glasses online. Read on to discover how easy our virtual try-on glasses tool really is!

2 Easy Steps to Try on Glasses Online

1. Take a Quick Selfie Video

SUB: We’ll show you how to record a quick, five-second selfie video using your desktop or mobile here. All you need to do is turn your head to the left, the centre and then to the right and back again.

2. Start Trying Glasses On

Go to the brand page of any glasses you’d like to virtually try on & filter by ‘virtual try-on’ in the special features option. You can see yourself wearing any of the glasses that appear now! Navigate to a product page, click ‘selfie view’ and voila! To help you pick the best frames for your face shape, our eyeglasses try-on tool also tells you which face shape you have! Why not have a look at our face shape guide if you need some more ideas?

Ready to get started? Head straight to our try on glasses tool now! Or continue reading for our top selfie tips and best picks for what to try on first.

Which Glasses Fit My Face?

Once you’ve set up your recording, the virtual try-on tool does another super cool thing. It provides you with your face shape! Knowing what face shape you have can really help you work out what style of glasses will suit you too. For oval-shaped faces, cat-eye frames can look super cool; square-shaped faces tend to suit round or oval frames; for round shaped faces, go for more rectangle frames; and for those with a heart-shaped face, why not try wayfarer shaped glasses.

Need more help? We’ve got a whole guide put together on face shapes here.

Insider Tips on Taking a Good Selfie

So that’s the tech side done! But you also want to look great in your selfie video right? Especially since you can share your photo with your friends on Facebook & Pinterest. Follow these tips to put your best self out there:

Good, natural lighting

It’s the #1 rule for taking any photo really. Natural lighting is the key! Go for the bright light you get next to a window and look up towards it rather than having the light behind you. Avoid having unflattering shadows on your face too.

Look up towards the camera

Taking a good selfie normally is all about playing with your angles. Obviously in this case, you’re a little restricted as you need to follow the virtual try-on’s instructions about turning your head to the left and then to the right. But remember, your selfie will look better if your phone or camera is slightly looking down at you.

Smile like you mean it

Try to just embrace a natural expression and if you’re going to smile, give it all you’ve got and put your best face out there. And remember, the more photos you take the better. You can never have too many photo options!

Fluff up your hair

After all, you’re on camera! Ladies, you might want a slick of lipstick and try putting your hair behind your shoulders or in front for some selfie variations.


So now you know how to use our try on eyewear tool & our top tips for looking great in your selfie. The only question that remains is what glasses to try on first! Let us tempt you with a few of our top picks to try on now: 

Virtual glasses try-on for women:

These are our top eyewear picks for you to try on glasses at home, from the comfort of your couch! You can start with the luxurious black Gucci GG0275S. They’re oversized cat-eye shades with fun blue, red and cream stripes on the arms of their frames and the gold Gucci logo. Or have some fun in the Dolce & Gabbana DG2211. Tinted gold, these shades have a unique, almost lattice-like design around the big round lenses.

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