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Take that Perfect Selfie

Nowadays, selfie is considered to be very popular and so increasing numbers of individuals are into taking selfies for different reasons. One of the reasons is the idea of attracting other people, like the opposite sex. It is also considered as one of the best form of self-expression that has invaded social media today. Considering this increasing popularity in selfie taken, you might want to consider embracing it as well. If you do, then consider to taking better selfies that are shareable on social media accounts and most likely to make a lasting impression in your social circles.


How to take a Better selfie

Here’s how to take a better selfie. First, there are a number of things that you must consider including choosing the best possible background. Since picking the right background will more often than now provide the best possible outcome, always consider checking your background before taking a selfie.

Next, finding the right angle or position should also be a consideration. This might mean multiple attempts especially since different angles work for different people. A good tip is to use a mirror or just pick the best of the lot.

Finally, consider mastering the act of lighting. As a matter of fact, lighting is everything when it comes to taking selfies. To be really successful in your quest of taking a perfect selfie, you need to master the best lighting possible for the perfect portrait. This could be natural or artificial light right in front of or behind you.

In addition to the three factors; background, angle and lighting, discussed above, there are still a number of factors that may be considered when it comes to taking selfies.

Additional Tips for the Perfect Selfie

Below are other tips for the perfect selfie. You should consider using them if you want to take the perfect selfie.

Consider tilting your head at an angle to highlight your cheekbones and make your eyes look a lot bigger thereby making you totally adorable.

Ladies should wear their favourite bold or bright coloured lipstick to give the picture a cool focal point.

In order for your skin to have an amazing glow without needing filters, swipe an highlighter into your chin, cheeks, forehead and nose.

You should also consider creating and using your best signature pose because if you feel great you will look great as well.

It will also be helpful if you can make good use of filters. In particular, a retro look along with white, black or fuzzy golden filter is usually a good option that could give your selfie a cool and warm look.

Holding the camera above your head is also ideal to give the selfie an artsy feel as well as giving you an opportunity to show your outfit.

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