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Quickly Transfer and Migrate Files from Mac to Windows PC

Transferring files and settings from Mac to Windows PC will become a headache sometimes because Mac and Windows use different file formats. Some files and documents of Mac OS are easily accessible on Windows PC. But email files of Mac Outlook are not directly accessible on Windows Outlook for that we need to convert the Mac outlook database file to Windows Outlook file. Since the most common file that users want to migrate are MS office files, Outlook emails, movies, music, pictures and other data items, the files can be easily migrated by using the method below.


The process of Transferring files from Mac to PC is a 2 part process:

  1. Prepare the PC for the files and find the PC’s network address.
  2. Determine how you want to transfer your files.

Step 1 Create the Share Folder and Find your PC’s Network Address

  1. Create a New Folder on the Windows PC desktop and name that folder like: From My Mac.
  2. Right click on the folder and click on “Share With” and select “Specific People”.

Then you will see your username in the file sharing window and you are ready to receive files, click share and then click done.

If your user name is not visible in the File sharing window, then click the dropdown for the username and select the user to have the folder shared with and then click share and then click done.

Find Your PC’s IP address, So you can connect to the PC from the network:

  1. Click on Start and type “cmd” in the search box and then click on “CMD.exe”.
  2. In the Command Prompt Window type “ipconfig” and press Enter.
  3. Write down the IPv4 Address to use later.

Step 2 Migrate your files from Mac to Windows PC

  1. Transfer files over a network

To transfer files from Mac to Windows PC over a network. Follow these steps to connect the Mac and Window PC to a network to transfer file from Mac to a shared folder:

  • Open “Finder” on Mac and Press command+k, or From the “Go” menu select “Connect to the Server”.
  • Type smb:// and the IP address of the PC.

For example: smb://

  • Now click on Connect, and authenticate yourself. If you don’t have a specified shared folder then you will be prompt to select one.
  • Once you are connected to the PC. Drag the files which you want to be migrated and drop them to the shared folder on the PC.

Note: The transfer time of your files will depend on the speed of the network and the amount of files that you are migrating.

Once the files are transferred to the shared folder you can log on to Windows PC and move the every file to a permanent location. For example: Move your documents to the My Documents folder, pictures in the My Pictures folder, etc..

  1. Transfer Outlook Mail files

By using the above method you can access Pictures, documents and any other data items directly in the Windows PC, but if you want to access your Outlook Mail items in Windows outlook then you need to Convert Mac Outlook database file in the Windows Outlook PST file. For the conversion of Mac OLM database, you can use the third party utility or go with the manual method. But the Manual method of the conversion requires lots of patience and technical skills. So I would like to suggest you to use third party utility OLM to PST Converter. This tool transfer Mac OLM to Windows PC PST, EML and MSG file format.

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Hi, This is Rihanna Robyn, I am a technical writer. I wrote Technical Articles related to Mac Outlook 2011. If you need any kind of assistance regarding this topic feel free to comment. I will be more than happy to assist you.

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