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Know these Eyeglass Frames Sizing Tips before Ordering your Eyeglasses Online

Eyesight issues and vision problems have been on the rise for the past decade. The only reason that makes sense here in the increasing cases of eyesight issues is increased screen time and reading time. Reading or watching anything in close proximity of your eyes puts strain on them, causing eyesight weakness. Now, since eyesight issues are on the rise, so is the business of opticians. More and more people have to get their eyeglasses or change lenses in glasses frequently, due to frequent changes in their prescriptions.

However, since we all know that it’s a busy world out there. People try to avoid the hassles of visiting different optics physically. Moreover, people have concluded that online shopping is the future. So, people are now ordering their eyeglasses online from various reliable brands that include names like Zenni Optical, Overnight Glasses, Avenue Eyewear, etc. This saves their time. Nevertheless, there are some cons to online eyeglass shopping. When it comes to buying your eyeglasses physically, you can always put them on and get satisfied with the size and fit of the frame.

On the contrary, online shopping does not facilitate you in that manner. You cannot try your eyeglasses on unless you receive them. This is why you have to be aware of some frame sizing tips and tricks before you order your eyeglasses online. This article will help you with that aspect. So, without any delay, let us have a look at the sizing magic.

Frame Sizing Tips & Tricks

When it comes to your eyeglass frame size, you have to be careful and spot-on before ordering your glasses online. There are a few things that need to be perfectly mentioned to receive a perfect size. Below are some tips and tricks mentioned:

1) Be Aware of your Dimensions:

Dimensions of your eyeglass are like what salt is to your food. You really can’t have a satisfactory experience with your eyeglasses if you do not mention your correct dimensions. Dimensions should always be measured in millimeters. There are four dimensions that you need to be perfectly aware of before ordering your eyeglasses.

  • Lens Width
  • Lens Height
  • Bridge Width
  • Temple Height

2) Measure your Current Frame:

The simplest and the most effective trick is to measure your current or your previous frames before ordering the new ones online. Most individuals do not measure their last frames before ordering online hence; end up having a bad experience. That is why you need to measure your frames and mention the correct measurements before ordering your prescribed glasses online. This trick may sound simple, but it is highly beneficial.

3) The Card Trick:

Your card can play a vital role in measuring your dimensions. Yes, you read that right. Your debit card or your credit card can help you measure. Here’s how you instigate it. Stand in front of any mirror at your home where your entire face is visible. Then place one side of your card right on the center of your nose. Noting where the other edge finishes. If the card finishes at the corner of your eye, choose the regular size (M). Your fit is small (S) if it reaches past the end of your eye.

On the other hand, if the card does not even come close to reaching the end of your eye, your size is large (L). This is how you measure your dimensions at home with your card. Sounds fun and easy, right?

4) Virtual Mirror:

If there is one thing that we need to be thankful for, living in this era should be the perk of technology. Technology helps us in different phases of our daily life. However, did you know that you can see yourself putting on your future eyeglasses without even touching them? Sounds fascinating, we know. It is true, and you can take advantage of this just by sitting at your home. There are online sites of different optics where you will find a mirror known as the virtual mirror. You just have to sit in front of your smartphone or your laptop.

Make sure your face is visible in the camera frame. The virtual mirror will put on eyeglasses on your eyes on screen, and you can see how you look in those frames. The best thing is that you can choose a variety of different frames with different colors. With so many choices, you can see which one looks the best on you. Not just that, but you can also get satisfied with the size. Eventually, you can proceed to place an order without getting worried about how it will look on you because you have already seen it and technically even tried them on.


To conclude, loose frames or unattractive frames could be annoying. Also, being busy can make you not want to visit physical optics, and online is your only choice. However, if you know the tips and tricks of shopping for your eyeglasses online, it should not be a problem for you.

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