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Want to Become Environmentally Conscious but Not Sure How? These 3 Tips Will Help You Out

As the human population grows, the demand for resources increases as well. Studies show that Earth has already lost 20% of animal biodiversity and 50% of its terrestrial plants in the past 11,000 years. At this pace, experts predict that another 10 million living species may face extinction soon.

Thankfully, not all hope is lost. As one of Earth’s primary inhabitants, you can play your part in saving the planet by minimizing your ecological footprint. Leave a smaller impact on Earth’s resources.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to start living more sustainably—you’re not alone. While environmental activists have popularized the concept of sustainable living, 77% of Americans and Australians still don’t know where to begin.

Luckily, we can help. Keep reading for simple, actionable tips on how to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle:

1. Ditch Single-Use Products

You might not notice it, but you produce a significant amount of trash. Reports indicate that the average human generates about 4.5 pounds of waste every day, most of which includes single-use items. Even plastic straws and grocery bags contribute to the planet’s growing waste problem.

To minimize your household waste, reevaluate your lifestyle. Go through all the things you do daily, then list all the activities that produce waste. Most tasks that rely on single-use products have eco-friendly alternatives.

Applying Makeup

Cotton pads play a crucial role in any skincare routine. You can use them to spread toner solutions, concealer creams, and moisturizers evenly on your face.

Unfortunately, cotton leaves a significant ecological impact. Manufacturing just two pounds of cotton pads already exhausts 5,200+ gallons of water.

Instead of using disposable cotton pads to apply your makeup, opt for LastRound by LastObject—a faux cotton reusable makeup remover. You can reuse each pad up to 250 times!

Cleaning Your Bottom

The recent pandemic made it clear that many cannot live without toilet paper. People rely on them so much that they became one of the first resources to go during a crisis.

However, we urge you to explore your alternatives. Not only does the excessive use of toilet paper increase your carbon footprint, but they also fail to clean your bottom correctly.

Toilet bidets are a better, more eco-friendly alternative. For example, the LUXE Bidet Neo 120 projects a powerful yet gentle stream of water that effectively removes all traces of feces. You won’t even need any toilet paper.

Grocery Shopping

Replace plastic grocery bags with reusable ones! Most people only use plastic grocery bags one or two times max, but they take 1,000 years to decompose. Alternatively, quality bags like the reusable totes from NERUB last several years.

2. Rely on Less Non-Renewable Resources

Non-renewable resources like natural gas, oil, coal, and nuclear energy consist of fossil fuel.

They play a crucial role in various commercial and residential sectors. Society has used these resources to power airplanes, cars, factories, and public transportation hubs for eons.

Unfortunately, the Earth has a finite amount of fossil fuel. Unless the global population adopts a new form of energy, experts predict that natural gas and coal will only last until 2060.

However, society can still turn things around. Play your part in conserving non-renewable resources by:

  • Using modes of transportation that don’t require gas (i.e., electric cars, bikes)
  • Converting your home to solar energy
  • Replacing fluorescent and incandescent lamps with LED bulbs
  • Walking instead of driving
  • Taking public transportation

3. Surround Yourself With Eco-Conscious People

Committing to an eco-friendly lifestyle comes with several challenges. However, the hurdles only get higher if you are around people who neither support nor understand your cause. In the worst case, they might even mock you.

Transitioning to an eco-friendly lifestyle will never be easy, but you can overcome problems quicker with the help of your loved ones. Emotional support goes a long way. Having someone reassure you whenever you feel vulnerable keeps you on the right path.

If none of your friends and family have decided to live sustainably yet, then be the first to encourage them. Build a small support group. Share struggles, ask each other for advice, and, of course, celebrate milestones together.

Taking the First Step to a More Sustainable Lifestyle

It is a common misconception that an eco-friendly lifestyle entails making drastic, life-changing alterations. However, this belief does more harm than good. Taking on challenging projects right from the get-go might cause you to relapse to your old habits.

Instead of overhauling your current lifestyle, focus on making mindful everyday decisions. Consistency is the key. Trust us—going on a few cleanup drives every few years pales in comparison to daily efforts like opting for reusable grocery bags and straws.

Stop delaying your plans to live sustainably! Excessive planning only hampers progress. While you might commit a few mistakes now and then, you’ll learn along the way. Take things one step at a time.

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