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5 Technologies for Small and Medium Meat Processing Procedures.

Meat processing as a method involves preserving, mincing, and chopping. It converts raw meat into preserved or canned food for easy consumption. Meat processing is a practice followed by butcheries or packinghouses for packaging and distribution of the slaughtered meat. Such companies follow standard protocols for cooking, preserving, drying, and storing raw meat before they are sold.

This process includes a variety of meat from poultry to seafood. Proper meat packaging with key fundamentals increases the shelf-life when distributed as packed, preserved, or canned. Thus, to provide safe food, companies like DGS follow standard protocols with the latest technologies to provide meat lovers with good quality meat.

Five commonly used technologies in a small or medium meat processing system

Walk-in Freezer

The meat extracted from the animals are to be preserved safely, and what better way than traditional refrigeration. It is the most commonly used storage system for meat products that prevent attracting any bacteria and keeps itself from degradation. Freezers are usually utilized in the initial stages for storing the meat for later. Freezing restricts the tissues of the flesh to rot by slowing down any chemical reactions.

Meat Grinder

This is similar to kitchen appliances that work as a mixer/grinder. Meat grinders as a piece of popular equipment are used in professional markets due to their significant importance and narrow area of precision. They are massive machinery that grinds large amounts of meat at an extensive speed. It helps with quicker mincing, which leads to faster processing, avoiding the meat rot. It helps with chopping the meat into much smaller pieces for easier cooking, storing, and packaging process.

Meat Mixer

A meat mixer may sound similar to the grinder yet there is a substantial difference. A mixer is used to add preservatives or recipes ingredients to the meat in a massive quantity. The mixer is used to slap the flesh, which helps in better cooking. The meat is added in the mixers with other preservatives or oil only to prevent themselves from rotting. It is a widely accepted processing methodology in the food industry.

Deboning Conveyors

These might be some of the most used machinery or apparatuses as they are pretty essential in small to medium grade processes. Most of the mass comes with bones intact and, with it, the mincing and grinding is not possible. Therefore, the packaging is not possible either. As such, deboning helps in removing the bony structure and separating it from the mass. It helps by keeping the limbs apart to be sold separately and left-over bones to be used in other parts. Butcheries use various types of blades for deboning to be able to precisely slice and chop the bones.

Active Packaging

A recent and popular phenomenon, active packaging as innovative technology is used in managing the quality of the food packed. Ensuring microbial safety, this process also helps the product to interact with the environment for increased shelf-life.

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