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Advice For People Buying Glasses

Glasses are a big deal. They can change your life, make you look more stylish, and help you focus. So obviously it’s important to get the right pair of glasses.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to buy glasses like a pro: what your face shape is, how to find the right size frames for your face shape and budget, and why quality matters when buying glasses online or in-store.

Know your eyes

  • Know your prescription. If you need to wear glasses, it’s important to know the prescription of your current pair and what lenses will work with them (read: not change the focal length of the frame).
  • Know your eye shape. Most people have a dominant eye, which is more perfectly round than their other. When buying glasses frames for this person, it’s best to make sure that the design doesn’t emphasize their dominant side too much—it can make them look off-center when they’re right on target!
  • Know your eye color. Frames with metallic details tend to show up against lighter-colored eyes much better than dark ones; therefore, if you have dark eyes I’d suggest looking at black or brown shades instead of silver/gold ones until we figure out how we can get those two colors working together without making one look washed out by comparison (we’ll get there someday).

Know your face shape

What’s your face shape? Knowing your face shape will help you choose frames that suit you best. The most common face shapes are oval, square, round, and heart-shaped. Knowing what shape your face is will help you find the right pair of glasses.

Save on Upgrades

Here’s a quick refresher on the importance of lenses: They’re what make your eyes look good—the frame is just for keeping them in place. Lenses can be made from plastic, polycarbonate, or titanium (which is an alloy). Plastic lenses are the least expensive but also the most prone to scratching and discoloration over time; they often come with anti-reflective coatings that help reduce glare and improve visual acuity in low light conditions.

Polycarbonate lenses are more durable than plastic ones, but they’re not quite as scratch resistant and don’t offer as much UV protection. Titanium lenses are very lightweight, highly scratch resistant, and have excellent impact resistance; however, they tend to cost a lot more than other types of lens materials because titanium is difficult to work with due to its high melting point (over 3200° Fahrenheit). If you buy glasses with prescription lenses included then consider yourself lucky because otherwise, you’ll probably have several visits back-and-forth between your optometrist’s office and an eyeglass retailer before getting what works best for you at an affordable price point!

Get the right size for your face

Consider the size of your frames. The right fit will make you look more attractive and confident. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The lenses should be proportional to the size of your face, not too large or small.
  • The frame should match the size of your head—not too big, not too small.
  • The frame shouldn’t be too tight around the bridge of your nose or temples (this can cause headaches).

Don’t skimp on quality

When deciding how much to spend on glasses, you may be tempted to go with the cheapest option. But do yourself a favor and don’t skimp!

If you live in Coffs Harbour, NSW, there are lots of affordable optical stores out there, but they aren’t always the best ones. Cheap glasses can be uncomfortable, flimsy, and break easily—and they don’t look very good either! With so many choices available today, it’s worth spending a few extra dollars to get something that feels great and lasts longer.

Find the perfect pair of glasses for yourself, your face shape, and your budget

The right pair of glasses fit your face shape, style, and budget. Before you begin, take a moment to consider what you want and what you need. Do you need to be able to see clearly from far away or up close? Will the glasses be used in bright sunlight or indoors? Do they need to be lightweight? Are they for reading, computer work, or TV viewing? What about driving at night? Getting prescriptions for sunglasses is also a great idea if it’s sunny out when buying new frames (and it usually is).

Next, test out different frames (and lenses!) at an eyeglass store by trying on different sizes and materials until something feels right. Make sure the arms don’t press uncomfortably against the side of your head or ears because no matter how much money you’ve spent on those stylish shades there’s nothing worse than having them pinch every time you turn your head! Then try out different prices for different brands until one feels like it’s worth investing in more than just fashion.”


We hope that this has helped you understand what makes a good pair of glasses, and how to find a pair that suits you. Remember that when it comes to choosing frames, there are no set rules; just think about what you want in your style, and then find the best match for your face shape!

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