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Hear Your Notifications With New Facebook App

Facebook today is the largest and most widely used Social Networking platform. And so it deserves, because the quality , style and security standards on Facebook are better than any Social Networking platform today. In addition, Facebook consistently works hard to maintain its status of being the best. Recently Facebook launched the New Graph search , a integrated social search engine that lets you find stuff on Facebook by simply typing it and hitting the “Enter” key hard enough.

hear my facebook app

But this time , Facebook has one more interesting trap to improve its entertainment factor for its users by launching an additional application called as “Hear My Facebook” which can read your notifications for you. Now this is something really interactive and interesting too. By using this application , you can now multi-task as a Facebook user. For example, you can receive voice notification alerts while you are driving , cooking , writing or doing any other stuff that might require your eyes , or hands by simply running this application to  read all your notifications for you.

According to reports by Facebook , Hear My Facebook is capable of reading your notifications not only in English, but also in up to 19 other languages too. This is actually quite interesting as many users across the globe can use this feature in their native languages. The app uses a sophisticated text to speech engine for perfect pronunciations and has already gained popularity in Spanish countries.

Facebook is constantly making efforts to take the social networking to a whole new level. Hopefully, this new application can be a hit and improve the services that Facebook offers.  I hope you like it.  🙂

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Umpreet, at 17 loves to write about new technology trends and stuff, and bring further tech insights to your life. See his work on his Blog,

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kuldeep

    April 28, 2013 at 3:48 am

    Wow! That’s really cool. 🙂 I didn’t know that Facebook been developing this since a while. Wish Hear my Facebook becomes a hit!

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