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When Do Facebook Ads Work Better Than Google Ads?

These days you can find people who don’t watch television or listen to FM radios, but it is hard to find people who are not using social media.

Digital marketing agency Thailand and worldwide are getting more demand because it is the need of the hour. These days you can find people who don’t watch television or listen to FM radios, but it is hard to find people who are not using social media. That is why social media is becoming more popular, and it is an effective way to attract new users. However, if you are a business owner and want to start an ad campaign, you must choose the right one. Usually, people will end up shortlisting Facebook and Google ads. But if you want to know which platform to use for your business, you must know these two platforms completely. So, here is everything you need to know about Facebook and Google ads.

Comparison between Google and Facebook Ads

If you want to conclude anything within a few minutes, here is the comparison between these two platforms’ ads.

Buyer Intent

Facebook ads are ideal for brand awareness. On the other hand, Google ads are best for purchase intent.


targeting audience at granular level possible with targeting as per demographics, behaviors, interests, and many more. In Google ads, broad targeting can be done using relevant keywords and by targeting particular demographics.

Audience Size

On Facebook, you can see daily 1.59 billion active users, and on the other hand, Google witnesses 3.5 billion searches daily.


Through Facebook ads, one can reach many people at a lower cost. With less cost per click, you can get more exposure. On the other hand, in Google ads, you have to pay more. But the chances of converting clicks into an actual customer are huge.

Audience Engagement

Over 52% of digital marketers experience more user engagement for the ads posted on Facebook than Google ads. But approximately 45% of marketers agree that their audience is more likely to actively engage on Google ads than Facebook ads. However, these stats are subject to the strategy they used in their ads.

Unique types of ad placement

Both Google ads and Facebook ads have a unique way of advertising that is unable on other platforms. On Facebook, messenger ads are possible, and on Google ads Shopping ads are available.

Where Facebook ad works best

Facebook platform is ideal to advertise your products if you are looking to reach maximum people with limited capital. This is also a perfect choice for social products. For example, the project management software will do really well on Facebook because users share their ideas on those ads. And if your product cost is less, opting for the Facebook ads is better since it will not increase your overall cost significantly. Many e-commerce sites use Facebook ads for groceries and other low-cost products.


Undoubtedly both ads platforms are excellent, and they suit excellently for particular situations. The Facebook medium is ideal for low budgets and for those who need to reach many people. The best digital marketing agency in Thailand or indeed anywhere else will help you decide the right platform for your ads.

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