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8 Definite Reasons for Your Business to Be on Pinterest

Many businesses don’t pay much heed to the Pinterest platform as a part of their social media marketing strategy. If you are one among then, I would like to say that you’re making a blatant mistake with that strategy of yours.

There are many positive reasons for your business to be on Pinterest. Let’s go through these reasons without further ado.

1. Pinterest has a huge database of registered users

Pinterest is a sizable platform; there’s almost no doubt about it. It has more than 150 million users registered in it.

With such a huge number of registered pinners, you are almost sure to get a large chunk of relevant traffic from the site for your business-related purpose. An effective marketing platform you wanted, an effective marketing platform you’ll get.

2. Pinterest investment can benefit you in the long run

Pins on Pinterest are guaranteed to last forever. So naturally, your content will have all the possibilities of having a larger service life.

Hence, it’s advisable to create high-quality content and pin relevant images to the Pinterest. Do it and you’ll get definite results in a short span of time.

Always remember this fact that Pinterest is powered on search and discovery. Thus, if your pins are searchable and optimized enough on the Pinterest, positive results are more than guaranteed for you.

3. Pinterest is considered the 4th largest source of internet traffic in the world

This statement alone makes Pinterest a tailor-made platform for business marketing; isn’t it?

4th largest traffic source! Now that’s an infinite source of wealth. Perhaps you can direct a small chunk of that traffic to your page with relevant pins; can you? Of course you can. Direct the flow with a carefully sorted strategy and results will surely follow.

4. Pinterest can inform you of the emerging business trends

The Pinterest platform is more than capable of giving you the emerging shopping trends and can also give you a glimpse into the products/services that are gathering more interest and popularity with the passage of time.

These emerging trends are specifically related to fashion, food, cosmetics,  home décor and so on. Once you get a sniff of these trends, you will easily get to understand what changes need to be done in your business strategies to make yourself adapt to such trends as soon as possible.

5. If referral traffic’s your thing, Pinterest is the way to go

It has been found that approximately 5% of referral traffic to every website originates from the Pinterest. That’s second only to that of Facebook.

So naturally, Pinterest is worthy enough for a try if referral traffic’s the thing you are looking for.

6. If you are looking to make your content viral on the internet, Pinterest is your best bet

Most content marketers use Twitter and Facebook as their preferred content marketing platforms. I am definitely not saying that it’s bad. They are decent and positive results are bound to occur from them as well. But what about Pinterest?

Pinterest is considered 80% more viral in comparison to those two platforms especially when content marketing is concerned. And it’s also considered 3 times more effective than twitter. So if you are a content marketer, Pinterest must be one of those aces up your sleeve.

7. Pinterest is more than capable of converting casual browsers into buyers or leads

“Converting browsers into buyers”: every business believes in that motto. Pinterest helps to fulfill that motto in the best possible way.

Pinterest helps in diverting people straight to the source. Thus, the traffic you’ll get from Pinterest has more chances of getting converted into your targeted buyers or leads in comparison to other social networking platforms.

Isn’t that statement reason enough for you to get into Pinterest? Your call.

8. You can integrate your Pinterest account with your Facebook, website and Twitter profile

This is really a good thing.

That’s because it enables users to post new pins to their respective news feed for others to see. This is never a bad thing from the point of view of business. You can’t get more efficient marketing than that; can you?

So you see that there’s no doubt in the fact that Pinterest is a great marketing platform. Hence, get a Pinterest profile and get on it ASAP. You’ll definitely be benefited in the long run.

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Sankar Dey writes technical content periodically for Softz Solutions and backs it up with extensive research and relevant examples. He's got a BSc in IT and has 12 years of working in an environment of digital marketing. Connect with him

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