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How We Can All Spread Education

Since independence, the educational sector of India have grown and developed in the right direction, but it hasn’t quite expanded. We have seen many institutions and amendments being made for the improvement of this sector, but it hasn’t translated into success.

The clichéd and age-old mindset has chained the real potential of the country. In many parts of the country, there remains a lack of encouragement for teaching a girl child. In some of the rural parts, child labor is still prevalent. Even in the urban areas and the “so-called modern parts of the society,” there is a pre-determined thinking that education adds to the cost of expenses for a family. Parents need to realize that the root of education may not be sweet but it is the passport for future success.

We can’t be dependent on the government anymore for the spread of education; it is high time that we ourselves take action instead of complaining. An inspiring story from a small town village situated near Varanasi named Sajoi, is the perfect example of the motto, “doing instead of complaining”. Three women – Tabassum, Tarannum, and Rubina, took the bold step of providing education to the kids in the village.

Most families in the village suffer from poverty and lack in education. Only a meager 10% of the population was literate, but the three women together brought change into the lives of the villagers. They were the first three women to pass the higher education barrier, and they are making sure that they are not the last. It all started in 2010, where they pretended to train sewing to the village girls but instead educated them with their knowledge. They had to tackle abuse and opposing opinions of the villagers on a daily basis. They were even asked to vacate the place where they conducted the classes.

But, the girls were reluctant to stop what they started and taught the kids from their own house. Soon, they educated the older women’s about the need and importance of education. Their efforts have changed the mindset of the villagers since then, and today almost 90% of the kids in Sajoi village are receiving education in a proper manner.

This story is one among many examples in our country, where people have taken the initiative themselves to spread education. Many NGOs have been set-up all around the country to provide kids with education irrespective of any social stigma or financial background.

How can we spread education?

Social Media – The power of Social media is massive if used correctly. People from the remote areas are nowadays actively engaged on the Social Networking sites. Promotions can be made to explain and share the importance of education, how it helps shape up one’s career and where can one take admission.

Parents counseling – Parents who believe education as a burden or an added expense in the family, should be made to take counseling. Their opinions regarding a girlchild’s education and any other backward notions can be removed through this counseling sessions. They must be taught regarding why they should encourage and send their kids to schools.

NGO – Education is quickly becoming a business for schools and colleges, which have made demand exceed the supply. Financial constraints have prevented many from pursuing schooling. Although our constitution guarantees free primary level education, not many efforts have been made to make it a reality. Fortunately, non-profit school has made providing education their primal goal. Students coming from financially difficult backgrounds can take admissions in those NGO schools.

In a time where India as a country is looking to move forward, the education sector is pulling the nation back. The mindset of the people needs to change to have an evenly distributed literacy rate. Regional disparities in education can be curbed only when parents, government and the society is educated about its benefits. Tabbassum, Tarannum, and Rubina are some of the examples who have done something and are continuing to do so for the education sector of India. It’s time that we follow the footsteps of these girls and help in spreading education.

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Sankar is an academician as well as a content developer. He loves framing engaging write-ups for parents, students and the teachers alike and offers clear as well as practical ideas to make learning fun. In his free time, He loves reading and traveling.He suggest LearnPick Blog for more educational information.

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