Analysis Of Nokia Asha 305 vs Samsung Galaxy Y

Have you ever been in a confused state of mind on which phone to purchase? Have you ever been stuck on the two mobiles phones that you finalized? Are you a fan of both Nokia and Samsung at the same time? If you answered yes to all the above questions, we would like to inform that you are not the first person to have experienced this.

This article is for those people who have been in a confusion on whether to buy the Nokia Asha 305 or a Samsung Galaxy Y so that they can easily decide on which mobile would suit them better.

Design, display and operating system specifications:

Let us start with the design of the mobile phones that are being taken into consideration.

  • The form factor of the Nokia Asha 305 is the phone design: touch whereas the form factor of the Samsung Galaxy Y is the full touch bar.
  • Nokia Asha 305 is a dual sim phone but Galaxy Y is a single sim phone.
  • Nokia Asha 305 runs on the series S40 of Nokia operating system while Samsung Galaxy Y runs on the operating system of Android version 2.3 that can otherwise be called as gingerbread.
  • Samsung Galaxy Y is an Android mobile while Nokia Asha 305 is not an android.
  • Samsung Galaxy Y has a fantastic Color TFT of 256k colors on its screen while the Nokia Asha 305 has an LCD transmissive screen.
  • Nokia Asha 305 has the dimensions that are equal to that of 110.3 X 53.8 X 12.8 mm while the Samsung galaxy Y has the dimensions of 104 x 58 x 11.5 mm.
  • When talking about the weight of these mobile phones we can say that they are almost the same and there is hardly a difference of 0.5 grams with Nokia Asha 305 weighing 98 grams and Samsung Galaxy Y weighing about 97.5 grams.
  • Nokia Asha 305 has the pixel size of 240×400 whereas the Samsung galaxy Y has a 320×240 pixel size.
  • The display size of both the mobile phones is 3 inches and hence they stand at an equal place when it comes to the consideration of the screen size.

Memory specifications:

Samsung galaxy Y has an inbuilt memory of 180 MB while the Nokia Asha 305 has an internal memory of 10 MB. However, Nokia asha 305 comes with ROM and RAM capacities of 64 MB and 32 MB respectively. However, both the phones have the availability of an SD card slot for the user to be able to extend the memory up to 32 GB.


Nokia asha 305 has a phonebook that supports up to 1000 entries while the Samsung Galaxy Y supports unlimited number of entries and also photocall. Also, both the Samsung galaxy Y as well as the Nokia Asha 305 have a facility of GPS in order to help the users while traveling to an unknown place or area.

The internet browser that is used in the Nokia Asha 305 is the Nokia browser for series 40 whereas that of the Samsung Galaxy Y is the Android browser that is usually set as the default browser in android mobiles.

The protocols that are used in the email of the Nokia asha 305 are the IMAPS, IMAP4, POP3 and the SMTP while the ones that are used in the Samsung galaxy Y are POP3, IMAP4, SSL, SMTP and the TLS        .

The Asha 305 price in India is about 3,930 INR and that of the Samsung galaxy Y is about 5,483 INR. The rates keep varying based on the daily market in a few countries and on a monthly market basis in the other countries.

The price variations in the Nokia Asha 305 and Samsung galaxy Y can be said to be because of the number of the features and utilities that each of the phones can offer. It is quiet obvious that the better the features, the more the cost of that phone is. When trying to purchase a mobile, one must keep in mind that they should buy the best possible model and company that come for a proper and reasonable price.

I work with MySmartPrice.com. MySmartPrice is a price comparison website that helps users find the best price for Mobile phones , Books, Cameras and lots more including Deals and Coupons. I am a graduate of State University of NewYork, University @ Buffalo with an MS degree in Management. I also possess as an MBA degree in Marketing from Amrita School of Business. I have a Btech in electronics from JNTU, Hyderabad.

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2 Responses to "Analysis Of Nokia Asha 305 vs Samsung Galaxy Y"

  1. Alex says:

    Hi i always believe in nokia so i choose Nokia Asha 305

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  2. Ramesh kumar

    great work dude
    it seems that galaxy y is than asha305
    so i am not going to buy asha305
    because it is not an android phone
    galaxy y is way better
    thanks for the analysis
    keep posting content like this

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