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Top 10 Smartphones of 2016

10) HTC 10

HTC 10 is not last on this list for nothing: it has all the refinements worthy of a high-end terminal with a 4K video (very, very good) it can claim a better place for technology trends in smartphones. HTC 10 offers RAW recording and an impressive fluidity interface but has still not managed to establish itself as a real alternative to the iPhone and Galaxy S, even in low light, a field in which it seemed promising with its large pixels of 1.25 micron.

9) Alcatel Idol 4: Reversible

Now under the Chinese flag, the former French flagship of the Alcatel telephony comes with the concept of a reversible smartphone. No matter which direction you type on the Idol 4, the interface adapts and rotates if necessary. Microphones and speakers present on both units provide communication. Extracted hastily from a pocket or bag, the device is functional right away!

8) Oppo F1 Plus

The Oppo F1 Plus is one of the most beautiful iPhone counterfeits ever produced. And we say that in friendship since the Chinese engineers, who have gone as far as capturing the “look & feel” of the Photo application of the iPhone. But they also made sure they traced the rendering of digital noise and color. The shots are good, clear and consistent: instead of reinventing the wheel or risking a hazardous search, the Oppo team stalled all their sliders on the iPhone.

7) Sony Xperia Z5
The only smartphone to include a dedicated button to trigger photo, the Xperia Z5 is a pleasant device to use and Sony has made good progress in autofocus. The pictures are rich in detail – logic with a sensor of 23 Mpixels – but its image quality is far from improved, the fault probably being the too many pixels.

6) Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Despite its venerable age, the device continues to get faultless in all areas. It is showered with superlatives: beautiful autonomy, beautiful display, exceptional finishing, quality of photographs. Versatile, it lacks in this terminal a touch of madness, a touch of originality, to touch the stars.

5) Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Far from being behind, the iPhone 6s Plus still has excellent autofocus and excellent color rendition. Its overall responsiveness and simplicity make a very effective device for a still picture. If it is not the leader in terms of image sharpness, burst, wide angle, etc. its consistent performance and video talent make it a weapon of choice. Too bad it’s so expensive…

4) LG G4

Here is the king of the shadows: in this area, it flies over the competition. The optical sound is precise and rich in detail shots – even a little too much sometimes, the blame goes to a very aggressive image processing.

3)| Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Basically, it’s like taking a luxury car for the price of a luxury car, where Apple holds exorbitant rates without fully meeting the expectations of new products and innovations. With the screen with rounded edges, the body of the S7 edge is racy. A feast for the eyes!

2) Lenovo Moto Z Play

The modular phone revolution is underway! After the failed attempt to LG with its G5, Lenovo delivers the first credible smartphone to pair with optional modules baptized Moto Mods. It’s a world of possibilities that opens to us!

1) OnePlus 2

Last year it was a surprise, this year it is a confirmation: pure image quality, the OnePlus 2 is the best smartphone competition, period. Besides its pretty responsive AF, it is the image quality that impresses. How can an outsider whose terminal is equipped with a sensor already on the market for over a year take the cake from a giant like Sony?

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I am Tahir . A developer, blogger and technology expert. With 15 year plus, development experience with online shopping carts, system development, Payment gateways and much more. I love writing, blogging, traveling and like to explore new places in the world.

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