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Why is It Essential For You to Check the Review of an App Online?

Thriving in the crowded marketplace does not come easy. Entrepreneurs strive hard to ensure that their product/service makes the most noise. They need to turn on their creativity buttons so that more prospects
could reach them.  Plus it’s also about keeping the current customers happy.

Apart from the brick-and-mortar stores, this rule also applies in the virtual world. Web and app developers yearn to get more reviews for their platform. It enables them to get public attention and sustain their
brands in the community.

For the most part, people always tend to analyze the word circulating online before they make their purchase decisions. A huge percentage of people check online reviews first. And more than 80% of the
consumers trust these reviews as much as personal recommendations. The estimates make us question the reason behind consumer perceptions.

What difference does it make If you ignore the Digital whispers around a Brand? What is at stake?

Most of us are pretty caught up in the daily havoc of our professional and personal lives. If we need an app for certain task execution, we tend to download it with a few taps in the store. Studying, comparing, and
evaluating the reviews may consume a lot of our time. Still, tech experts advise all users to check online reviews of every app. Below are a few reasons why it is essential:

It mirrors User Experience

The reviews work as an endorsement for your product/brand. It shows the quality of your app and helps the user to make an informed decision. A survey by Mobile Action found that over 75% of the users read at least a single review before they download the app.

Any problem reported in the comments will automatically turn down the visitors from downloading an app.

Reflect Product Improvement

When you read a review of an app, you can figure out its progress in the market. There are many developers out there who throw the app in stores and do not make any efforts to make later upgrades. On the other
hand, some companies strongly believe in feedback integration.

The Manifest found that 63% of the companies read reviews by their users and act upon its integration. It’s natural to opt for downloading an app that shows continuous improvement throughout its launch. Despite the
loopholes, the upgrading efforts reflect the commitment of the developers for their customers.

Provide Insight into app uses

Some apps have a definite purpose for users. For instance, the gaming app will always offer one purpose, and that is, playing the game. However, there are many apps in the stores that people can use in novel ways.

You may have limited or no idea of how people are using Dropbox today. It does not act as a storage unit only. There are some people out there who use it as a note-taking app and music player. When you find such
notes by people in the review section, you can start thinking of ways how you can get creative with this app.

Informs you about multiple features

You can discover various features of the app by reading the reviews. Some apps have two versions – paid and free. A free version allows access to basic attributes, and after paying a certain fee, you can access more
extensive and detailed features. By reading the reviews, you get an idea of paying for those features is worth it or not.

Also, reading reviews helps you to know about the features that you fail to notice. The comments tell you about hidden features of this app and of multiple ways you can use it. You can also surf the web to know more
about the features of a specific app. For instance, read Greenify vs. Doze to understand which one fits you better.

Ensures Security

There may be hundreds of fake apps in the app stores. A few of these apps contain malware that can potentially slow down your phone and introduce bugs into it. Some of these may steal personal information, causing serious trouble to the users.

So, you should always check out applications like AirG Spam free apps and all other such apps, and you will find out ways to weed out insecure elements from the system and come up with error-free algorithms. Therefore, it’s vital to read the comments of an app online. They help you to rest assured that the app is spam-free.

Reveals Customer service

When you read reviews, you may have noticed that some developers respond promptly to the comments. They apologize to people posting complaints and ensure them that they will work on the issues in the app. The pro
developers know that by responding to reviews, they can become the customer-service all-star.

You may also find that developers have resolved an issue
upon a specific complaint. They may have mentioned it in the comments. This shows us that they take their feedback seriously. Their constant efforts at improvement let you understand that it is the goal of their company to keep customers satisfied.

Final Word

There are more than 15 million apps in the two major stores that are competing for users’ attention. The list of apps that appear on a single keyword may daze you out. But this should not compel you to download the
top-most app and flee the store. Instead, have a good look at app reviews.

It is always better to play safe from the beginning than have regrets later on. Have you ever encountered a poor app experience? How did you deal with it? Let us know!

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Alma Causey is a Freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about tech education and health related issues. Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover.

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