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The Top 10 Reasons To Use A Hosted Collaboration Service

hosted solutionOver the years, it has always been a trend for the business organizations to shy away from the hosted services because they always had a pre-emptive notion that this type of service lacks enough security and control. However, of late that perception has changed over time. In fact, the change that the hosted collaborative service has undergone over the last few years has helped the businesses to change that perception. Frankly speaking, today’s hosted collaboration services have the very capacity to offer enterprise grate security and have the manageability to help the modern businesses in a great way. Here are the top 10 reasons behind using Hosted Collaboration services.

  • Flexibility of Deployment

The communication setup or infrastructure has always followed a node-by-node hierarchy over the ages, with each branch office or business Unit having its own PBX, voice mail and other value added features that defined a perfect IP based communication model. However, this infrastructure had some limitations so far as the flexibility of deployment is concerned, mainly because the communication solutions were established on the basis of respective locations. This is where the hosted collaborative service makes the difference, by decentralizing the infrastructure and making sure that the entire network of all the branches scattered in various locations are under the same umbrella of communication, thus lending extra flexibility of deployment.

  • Ability to Integrate Management Functions

This is one of the main differences that the hosted collaboration services make. The service helps in meeting the challenge of managing the premise base applications, which in turn helps the scaling of management functions as well as the administrative tasks. This helps in seamless of setting up of new users, making the necessary changes in user’s profile, updating the features, and plugging the loopholes in the application software system. This also helps in repeating a particular task or a set of tasks, depending upon the structure of deployment.

  • Rapid Deployment of Services

This new service also helps in rolling out new and state of the art applications and feature upgrades at lightning speed for the user population, thus making sure that the business is in tune with the rest of the market and if possible, even ahead of it to come out of the cut throat competition of today’ market.

  • Quick Deployment Across the Organisation

This type if solution is unparallel, when it comes to reaching out to any individual anywhere in the world, and offer a consistent experience that helps in better and more professional operation to meet the growing business needs vis-à-vis growing demand in the market. Businesses with hosted application can have the privilege of deploying collaborative applications to any stakeholder and even those outside the scope of the traditional corporate boundaries.

  • Meeting the Challenges of Device Evolution and Consumerism

Thanks to the evolution of consumerism, the demand of the market has skyrocketed and with it, the world of end-user devices has simply exploded. Thus, businesses that play hose to hosted application can have control over this end demand manage the user experience simply because these businesses have limited end point, each and every user looking similar from a product perspective.

  • Budget Efficiency

A company with hosted solution will always provide a string of budgetary advantages with those with CPE-based solutions including:

  • Low Budget barrier for entry
  • Seamless budget planning
  • Better staffing procedure and management of the IT resources
  • Improved Business Continuity

It helps in better continuity of businesses in the event of a disaster – either natural or otherwise. The service ensures availability of collaborative applications to the stakeholders, irrespective of their locations.

  • Application Diversity

A hosted solution helps in offering seamless application diversity, as any application can be made business organizations can enjoy the very latest version of any application, or an entirely brand new application without any limitations that the CPE-based solutions used to offer previously.

  • Business Agility

The hosted collaborative allows the modern businesses to streamline the business processes and innovate newer processes, which provide information to more business stakeholders and customers faster and accurately.

  • Smooth Transition

In response to the changing business needs and business dynamics, it is imperative for the businesses to make comprehensive change in its form of communication. Now, this form of collaboration service is easier to adopt and thus, the business houses have more propensity to transform into this mode of communication service than to any other form.

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Michelle Patterson is a blogger more interested in HRMS, Technology, and Business. She has been invited by many companies to see their products and love sharing the knowledge and experience with the world.

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