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Which Internet Connection Is Best For Online Gaming?

The Internet and all that it concerns, including net neutrality, have become overblown with information overload over the years. This has somehow paved the way for a new culture that has developed over time involving many users simply either video streaming on their favorite social media platforms or spending hours upon hours deeply involved in the virtual world of an online multiplayer game.

As of January 2017, 98% of all internet usage in Saudi Arabia was linked to online video streaming, and predictions for the United States predict that online digital viewers will surpass 232 million by 2020. Currently, video streaming and users actively involved in online activity spend around 1.5 hours per week. These viewers are mostly aged 18 to 24 years old. And if that doesn’t talk big about online video streaming culture, then wait for the big crunch, as Netflix, a mega-giant in the online video streaming industry, recorded a revenue of $8.83 billion, which is quite literally 1/10th of what Amazon makes in a year.

Online gaming is also considered a freshly developed and still progressing culture. As more and more games with high graphics and exceptional visuals are released over the years, the demand for high-speed internet is quite literally becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. This is where AT&T Internet plays a vital role in feeding these cultures and paving the way for new and innovative technology. There are around 155 million Americans who play games regularly, and out of every five houses, only one of them doesn’t have a video gaming console. In 2015 alone, $13.13 billion was recorded for sales of video games in America. League of Legends, Clash of Clans, and Candy Crush Saga are just the tip of the iceberg.

So, if you are an enthusiastic online gamer and also love to stream videos online with nothing less than high-definition video quality, what internet service should you use? The answer is simple. AT&T is one of the largest telecommunications services in the world and they offer you a wide variety of services to meet and exceed your needs and requirements. With excellent customer service, the following offers may be your best chance to rule and conquer your desired virtual world:

AT & T Internet

This offers you the most reliable connection on the planet. AT & T offers you 100 Mbps of download and streaming speeds to help you stay connected to everything you want online. The package includes a Wi-Fi gateway router, which helps you connect various wireless devices within your home. The add-in feature of the AT & T Smart Home Manager app further enables you to monitor and manage your Wi-Fi network at home. The icing on the cake is when you bundle this offer with another qualifying service by AT & T, which reduces the cost to $30 per month, hence saving you $10 in the process every month of the year. The Activation fee may vary depending on the period.

DirecTV® and AT&T Internet

This bundle offer is brilliant for those who can’t miss an episode of their favorite TV shows. The packages include over 155 channels as well as free CINEMAX®, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® for the first three months. The bundle deal also includes monthly equipment for the HD DVR, and if you order it online now, you can avail yourself of a limited-time offer of free activation, which saves you $35 on the fee.

We strongly recommend that you look into these options by AT & T and see to it that all of your entertainment needs are met to their fullest. For additional features, you can also take notice of the awesome Triple Play offers by AT & T for a complete package that includes internet, cable TV, and landline phone services.

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