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What To Avoid On Instagram For A Better Standing On The Platform

People make mistakes while using Instagram. Here is What to Avoid on Instagram for Successful Marketing.

Increasing your Instagram followers make your profile look credible to others. You always come across the things you must do on Instagram for getting the attention of your followers. But, do you know, you must also recognize the things you must not do on Instagram, which somehow irritates your followers.

This list is formulated after doing a lot of research so you must be very careful about it. The reason is that it may even irritate the people who are there in your profile because they love you. Let’s get to it & start avoiding all this stuff right after reading this.

Avoid self-promotional stuff

The Instagram users, especially the ones who are here for business marketing purposes post-marketing or self-promotional stuff regularly. The fact that you need to understand is that the followers never like to see only self-promotional stuff. They assume that you only care about money & nothing else. The fact is that people want to know the human side of yours. So, with this kind of stuff, you must also show your human side by posting a selfie at a recent restaurant, by posting a book you recently read, or by posting behind the scene pictures. Your followers are here in your profile because they need to connect with you. Never proffer them the chance to un-follow you.

Inconsistent posting schedule

People buy Instagram followers & wait for the magic to occur, which is wrong. With plenty of followers, you need to do hard work with it so that they could stick to your profile. When the people are here in your profile, they want interesting posts from your end. So, you must have a consistent posting schedule to pop up in their timeline regularly.

You don’t have to be a person that annoys your followers. You post three times a day in a week & post nothing the other week. It conveys the message that you are not a person or a brand to rely on.

Low-quality content

Everybody knows that Instagram is all about visual content i.e. photos & video. Instagram users must avoid posting low-quality content. Just post the pictures that have a clear meaning/purpose, which tell a story & most importantly, the pictures that are high in quality.

Another fact to mention here is that the people who post low-quality pictures these days lose followers with time & end their chances to get Instagram followers too (the new ones). It is not rocket science to make your picture look finest because there are several amazing apps available online that can help you in this regard.

Posting stuff without captions

It is mentioned earlier that Instagram is a visual platform but the visual content such as pictures & videos without captions is nothing because the caption is what ties everything together. You took a perfect picture that is telling a story behind it, but in the caption, you can add a little bit more about it. The truth is that people always look for & read the captions.

Even though the picture isn’t the best one, if you added a funny caption to it, the followers will connect it with you.

Ignoring followers can ruin everything

One of the biggest mistakes people make on Instagram is ignoring their follower’s comments or DMs. You are supposed to make a good relationship with your followers, no matter what. When someone takes time to like, comment or DM to appreciate you, they expect a response from you.

It might be the case that you receive too many comments or messages regularly that you can’t respond to all. But, at least you should give it a try & don’t ignore them at all. There will be a majority of messages that just require general comments from your side. Just write the answers to all general questions people ask, & copy-paste every time.

Uploading discourteous content

Being normal people, we follow lots of people on Instagram. How do you feel when you see someone posting disrespectful content here on this platform? It evokes feelings of hate from your end. Negativity always turns the le off, no matter it’s Instagram, any other social media platforms, or your real life.

You always need to stay away from posting the negative stuff otherwise the followers will un-follow you & the people will start avoiding you. Even if people are talking negatively about you, you need to stay calm. If you can’t, don’t reply to them or simply ignore them rather than replying to them with the same stuff. That’s all people will love about you because you are an inspiration for a lot of people here. Spread positivity & happiness! Cheers!!

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Huda Fatima is a young, enthusiastic creative content writer. She has been writing for many national and international corporations.

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