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Instagram Bots are Gaining Traction. Why?

It is no exaggeration to say that social networks have changed our lifestyle. And this is especially true if you are a creative person who has a small business of his own, or an artist who seeks to sell his work. With the right online strategy, you can find not only public recognition but also attract potential customers. Instagram is one of the most powerful tools to bring yourself and your work to the market. Using special tools and services which can help promote IG account have the call.  Let’s consider why it’s the use of Instagram bot that plays a key role in your promotion!

For your knowledge, an Instagram bot is an automation tool, whose aim is to promote your account on Instagram. Its algorithms are aimed at the most accurate targeting and smooth promotion without Instagram blocks.

What can an Instagram bot do?

IG bot posses a certain number of functions which enable efficient promotion. Let’s look into what you can expect from IG automation tools!

Effectively identify your target audience

IG bots are capable of identifying your TA by hashtags. You need to specify specific hashtags that your TA uses. The bot will interact further with the people who use them.

The possible targeting setting is by location. You need to clarify where your TA is from and from what places it takes pictures.

The next filter for proper targeting is usernames of Instagram followers. It can be your competitor or a famous account you want to be similar with. When you specify them, the bot directs its activity towards the audience of theirs.

Moreover, some bots offer advanced settings for targeting. Gender filter is the option to clarify, the audience of what gender you want to attract. It’s of significant importance for those who run businesses like beauty salon or showrooms.

If it’s vital for you what language your TA speaks, point it out.

You can come across to the function of Blacklist where you can add tags, locations, and usernames which you would like to avoid.

Attract new followers

Once you decide on your TA and set up the targeting, the bot starts its activity. It acts according to the principle of mass-liking and mass-following.

Thanks to auto-likes function, your account likes the TA attracting their attention to your account and enhancing chances to get more followers. Using automation tools, you can even fix the number of likes the bot should leave for each account.

Using the auto-follow function, you act more directly. You show your TA your interest, and they will show you theirs.

Besides, there is an option of auto-unfollow. It is helpful when you want your Feed to be clean and tidy and if you’re going to maintain a positive image of your account. As you know if the number of your follows, and the following are pretty the same, it raises suspicions.

Only mutual likes and follows, no bots, no fake accounts in the list of followings, you get real followers, with whom you can communicate.

Maintain communication with the audience

If you get your first thousand followers, do not think that that’s a success. Your followers will quickly give up on you and unfollow you instantly if you don’t do the next things:

  • Comment on their posts;
  • View their Stories;
  • Write them in Instagram, direct online;
  • Liking their comments.

I bet, you won’t be able to do it all alone. That’s why people use IG bot with ever-increasing frequency – their functionality enables processing of all these actions. That’s what I call rational use of time and resources.

Automatically publish your posts

Your audience needs your constant presence on IG. That touches upon the frequency of your posts publishing as well. Schedule your posts with the help of automation tools and fix the time of publishing and there will be no need in rushing in the middle of the night to post on IG.

Why is it important? You TA may live in another timezone, for instance. So you need to take into account the best time to post not only for you but for your audience – it may sleep when you are awake and vice versa.

Generate hashtags

Tags are essential for promotion. The whole process depends on them to a certain extent. If you use proper, accurate, not repeating hashtags, the promoting will go smoother. Not to come up with new tags every time, use a hashtag generator. This tool can produce hundreds of relevant tags by a photo, a keyword or by URL.

So why do people have a heart for IG bots?

First, people appreciate effectiveness. IG bot provides excellent results (depends on a bot, but on average, around 300 new followers in a couple of days).

Second, people love not to be tied up with business. Thanks to the delegating the tasks on promotion to IG bot, you free your time.

Third, a bot can save you cash on promo campaign as it’s much cheaper than a specialist’s service.

Thanks for reading the article! I hope you enjoyed it!

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