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weBoost Drive Sleek – A Device that Works Wonders with Mobile Signals

You asked for it, now you are getting it! You can now boost voice calls, 2G data, 3G data and 4G LTE in your vehicle on a single phone across all US carriers with a device that has an amazing rating for integrating signal boosting antennas into a phone cradle.

Designed to work with high performing cradle-format cell phone booster, the weBoost Drive Sleek boasts of lots of interesting features that make it easily usable with any phone size, using its vertical expanding cradle format. At first glance, it may seem too good to be true but following a relatively simple installation, you soon begin to notice the improvements in your phone signal especially if you live in a rural or remote area. Here’s a little video to illustrate how it works:

To further help you understand what makes this device unique, this review centers on explaining some of the amazing features of the weBoost Drive Sleek. For more in-depth information on signal boosters, you can consult this cell phone signal booster guide. So, without further ado, some of the key features of the weBoost Drive sleek are presented below.

Features of weBoost Drive Sleek

1. Boosts 3G and 4G LTE for Phones on Any Carrier:

It doesn’t matter where you’re driving through, camping or living, with this product, you are certainly guaranteed to continue working without fear of constant failure or interaction on 3G/4G LTE. The working system of the product allows it to take existing and very weak cellular signals from the outside of your car, and amplify 3G/4G LTE signals to a satisfactory 32X thereby making it readily usable for your mobile phone. In order words, it acts more like a magnifier, picking small, almost unusable signal and making it big enough to serve your mobile need.

2. Does not Need Wi-Fi or Internet Facilities to Work

A major feature of weBoost Drive Sleek is its ability to work well without necessarily needing external internet connection or Wi-Fi. What it basically does is; collect network signals for as low as -80 dBm and boosting it to just enough signal to power the service of your phone, without using external internet facilities.

3. Serves as an Interface Between the Cellular Tower and Your Vehicle

Connection to phone service can be difficult when the distance from a remote location is quite far from a cellular tower.

This is so because network signals tend to drop, the farther you go from a cellular tower. A major feature of weBoost Drive sleek is acting as an interface to draw very weak signal from your network carrier, amplifying it and sending it right into your car to allow for proper cellular connection following installation.

4. Blocks Network Interference

It doesn’t matter whether network interference is from outside your vehicle or inside, this product has been designed to specifically block off interruptions that may result from external factors like mountains, trees, skyscrapers etc. as well as internal interruptions like magnetic clutters, radiant barriers, glasses and metals and so on.

5. Installation is Easy

The device supports a pretty quick installation process, making it the preferred signal booster for many cars. Just place the magnetic antenna on the roof of your car and drop on the inside. Then plug into a 12-volt Jack and attach Q mountain clip into an HVAC vent. Now, place the phone cradle on the mountain clip’s magnetic side, connect all cables into a small interface box, and it’s ready for use. Watch the following video for more information:


The weBoost Drive Sleek is an exciting new product for boosting mobile cell phone signals in spite of location. The addition of a fast-charging USB port to the phone’s 12V vehicle power adapter and improved magnetic antenna that attaches to the car or truck roof is a sign that the device is consistently upgraded to be relevant to today’s drivers’ needs. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, this new Drive Sleek is definitely worth a go.

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