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A Closer Look at the AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones

Trekz Air is the most recent wireless bone conduction headphones by AfterShokz. It made its way into the market in 2018 and is steadily becoming a favourite to a good number of users. This has been made possible by the unique features it has brought into the electronic market, today.

These headphones come handy in various activities – you can wear them while running, having your workouts at the gym, walking to work, or just sitting on the couch at home. They are also, recommended to hearing-aid users, as they have the ability to provide a perfect fit with the ear aids as well as, glasses.

At present, you can buy them on AfterShokz at £149.99. They are also available in some states such as Detroit, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Philadelphia, and Quebec City.

Trekz Air headphones have been made available to you in 4 different colours – Slate Grey, Midnight Blue, Forest Green, and Canyon Red. This gives you an option to select a colour that nicely identifies with your personality or wardrobe.

They are light weighing about 30g, wireless and easy to operate. The open-ear design ensures your safety while on the move. Here’s a closer look at AfterShokz Trek Air – the ultimate bone conduction headphones, which makes them unique compared to other AfterShokz headphones, and why they would be a great fit for your needs.

The Box Content

It’s common to find additional gadgets in a box following, purchase of an electronic device. The same can be said for Trekz Air headphones. However, here, the gadgets are much more unique – from the silicon rubber carrying bay to a micro USB charging cable, and earplugs, which can be used in noisy environments such as, airplanes.

These are inclusive of – user manual, and a 2-year warranty card. Once you purchase the headphones, you’ll be required to register it. By registering you won’t face any problems when claiming warranty if something happens to your device.

Value Price and Where to Buy

AfterShokz Trekz Air is valued at a price of €149.95. Get these exceptional headphones online – on Amazon. You can also find them at authorized reseller stores in, Philadelphia, Quebec, New York, Toronto, Detroit, and Montreal.

To claim your warranty, you’ll need to present proof of purchase as well as, the serial number of the set to the customer service.

How It’s Features Will Suit Your Needs

  • Trekz Air headphones have dual noise-cancelling microphones, which ensures you have clear phone conversations. It does this by eliminating noisy phone calls, and these can definitely be useful to you when travelling on an airplane.
  • They have a conformal coating that provides resistance to water and sweat, and hence, the IPSS rating. For that reason, it’s suitable for athletes, and other kinds of intense physical exercise.
  • The wrap around its Titanium frame ensures you get a secure, and gentle fit during vigorous activities. Thus, perfect for running, or workouts in the gym.
  • It consists of an open-ear design that’s meant to keep you safe. (you can hear sounds from your surroundings). And once you have it in place, you can safely run, cycle, or drive.
  • Features such as PremiumPitch and LeakSlayer provides you with excellent music experience and reduces sound leakages, consecutively.

It’s Performance Compared To Other AfterShokz Headphones

The exclusive features within Trekz Air headphones make it a little expensive, compared to its counterparts – Trekz Titanium, and Sportz Titanium.

In contrast to Sportz Titanium, which prides itself of 12 long hours of battery endurance as well as, an in-mic/remote control for volumes, tracks, and calls, it’s battery can only hold power for up to 6 hours of music plus calls. Also, it has a dual noise-cancelling microphone.


After a deeper look at the AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones, it’s clear they are designed for both mild and vigorous physical while keeping you safe at the same time. However, they’re not suitable for premium level sounds, as they are bone conduction devices. So, if you’re looking for some comfort sound, rather than “BASS” ear-drum pounding, then Trekz Air headphones are for YOU.

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