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SecureDrive BT External HardDrive Review

The security of digital files is very critical for students, individuals, and companies alike. None of us will risk any chance of our sensitive information falling to unauthorized persons. This is why an increasing number of individuals and businesses are investing in portable secure drives like SecureDrive® BT External Portable Drive.

Specifically, SecureDrive® BT uses a Military- Grade AES 256- bit XTS encryption. Using patented DataLock technology, this drive has the ability to keep files safe and secure with wireless user-authentication via smartphone (iOS, Android) and Apple Watch.

What Makes SecureDrive® BT Different?

  • SecureDrive® can be remotely wiped from any part of the world if stolen or lost.
  • User authentication can be done via an Apple Watch or a smartphone with the DataLock app.
  • Its anti-hacking, self-erase mechanism provides greater protection and security.
  • Through a separate subscription that can be added at any time, users can take advantage of its remote management (RM) feature which will grant an administrator the ability to view users, enable geo-fencing and time-fencing, and password reset remotely.
  • Works across a range of operating systems and devices.

What are its Key Specifications?

  • Capacity: 500GB to 8TB
  • Power Supply: USB powered. 3.0 and 2.0 compatible.
  • Data Transfer Speed: Up to 355mbs read & up to 333mbs write
  • Mobile User Authentication: iOS/Android incl. TouchID, FaceID, Face Recognition, Fingerprint
  • Brute Force Anti-Hacking Feature: data destruction after 10 consecutive incorrect PIN entry attempts

What’s in the Box?

  • A quick start guide
  • 16 “, USB, cable
  • Export notice information sheet
  • SecureDrive® BT Hardware Encrypted External Portable HDD

What are its Key Features?

SecureDrive® BT is small compared to other equivalent external SSD and HDD drives. There is no external power required. Instead, it operates within the host’s operating system off a USB cable connection which includes Linux, Thin Clients, Chrome, MacOS, Embedded Systems IoS, Android, and Windows.

Unlike other drives which feature a keyboard for unlocking, the SecureDrive® BT uses a mobile app. Once unlocked, the device will perform as a standard external hard drive.

There many ways that SecureDrive® keeps data safe. First is by ensuring that there is no communication between the device and the operating system until a correct pin is entered by the user. This is a good way to prevent malicious firmware updates.

At the hardware level of SecureDrive® BT, a Military Grade AES 256-bit encryption is used. This secure encryption does not impact negatively on performance or result in speed penalties. In addition, SecureDrive® BT is FIPS level 3 certified and critical components of each vital electronic piece are cemented by epoxy coating in an indistinguishable solid capsule.

Finally, as stated above, should a user enter the incorrect password for ten consecutive times, the device triggers its Brute Force Anti Hacking self-destruct feature. Consequently, passwords are crypto-erased, and the device and user data will be formatted thereby resetting the device setting to its original factory settings.

What are its Pros & Cons?


  • The device password can be easily entered or changed.
  • Password recovery is available via text
  • Option changes (such as read-only and inactivity auto-lock) are easy to make.
  • It works with a digital pin


  • A mobile app is required to unlock the device
  • Full admin mode is only available through remote management. Although users can utilize some admin options i.e security parameters such as the timed auto-lock, enabling/disabling FaceID, as well as the ability to remember a users password within the datalock app, a Remote Management subscription is needed in other to expand upon these abilities.


It is easy to setup SecureDrive® BT. This is as simple as installing the DataLock® app from the Apple or Google Play Store and entering your 7 to 15 digit password.

Final Thought

The SecureDrive® BT is as impressive as it sounds. Its various capacities (500GB-8TB) means that there’s one for everybody. Furthermore, the DataLock® app gives it that extra modern feel as well as a sense of added security. This isn’t just any portable storage device that will perfectly fit anyone’s pocket. No. It’s more than that – a very simple way to secure your data!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nikaso

    September 6, 2021 at 7:24 am

    Looke like a great device, but this feature bugs me out –
    “Brute Force Anti-Hacking Feature: data destruction after 10 consecutive incorrect PIN entry attempts”

    Imagine if you don’t have any backups of all the data on your HDD and somehow you manage to type the password incorrectly 10 times…

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