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Vivid E-Cigarettes Review

With the advent of E-Cigarettes, the world seems to have changed for smokers. Indeed, E-Cigs have given a totally new meaning to the word ‘smoking’. These battery-operated devices have been designed in a way that delivers a blend of nicotine, flavour and some other chemicals to users in the form of vapours rather than smoke. Although most E-Cig devices are manufactured in resemblance to a real traditional cigarette, pipe or a cigar, the more advanced forms of these products comes in the form of everyday devices such as a USB memory stick or a pen thereby taking smoking to the next level.

In a bid to further take the technology behind E-Cigs to a new level, Vivid Vapours, one of the UK’s most popular e-liquid brand, has developed what it calls a next generation system that will go a long way in delivering top-performing e-cigarettes outdoing many brands in the market along the way. Add to it, their extensive e-cigarette range featuring an assortment of accessories and flavours, enough for any dedicated vaper to go wow. More information is provided below.

The Range Of E-Cigarettes And Accessories At Your Disposal



Vivid Vapours offer an array of E-Cig starter kits, E-Capsules, E-Liquids and accessories to go with them. Their range of e-products includes;

  • E-Cigarette Starter Kits (Rechargeable)
  • E-Liquids Starter Kit (Rechargeable)
  • E-Capsules Starter Kits
  • Cartomisers

Apart from that, there are plenty of accessories featured with each product to make the smoking experience of vapers long-lasting. Also, the products comes in an assortment of flavours to enhance users’ experience. While each product is slightly different from each other, the features and accessories are mainly the same.

Another thing about their products is it targets beginners as much as experts. Thus, their products are for those who have just started smoking as much as advanced smokers. Let’s take a look at some of the basic starter kit features.

Basic Starter Kit Features

Vivid product starter kits come fully equipped with everything a beginner needs when he starts to smoke these products. For example, the product features a 350mAH rechargeable battery, USB adapter for charging the E-Cig, and two cartomisers; one with medium strength tobacco, and another with stronger strength tobacco.

Product Design and Packaging

Vivid products are sleek, sturdy and well-made. These cig-a-like types of E-Cigs are crafted in black color to give it a very sleek feel. The products are also packed in incredible looking flip-top boxes.

Flavours and Nicotine Strength

These E-Cigs feature an array of flavours including tobacco, menthol, citrus fruit, cinnamon apple, apricot peach and more. Each product contains a 10ml E-liquid bottle that has a blend of Water, Glycol, Propylene, Nicotine and a hit of flavouring.

In particular, the nicotine strength in most of packing is;

  • 0mg
  • 11mg
  • 18mg

Although Vivid Vapours can introduce additional range of products and flavours, their current line of E-Cigarettes is enough to satisfy the gut of any smoker. Prices are also fair and competitive, while their packaging is good. The products come with an assortment of accessories which is the best part. Also, the usage is fairly basic making it easy for beginners to get accustomed to their products.

All in all, we would say that they have made an incredible effort. We look forward to more innovative products by Vivid.

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