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Varidesk Pro Plus™ 36 Review

Most office workers spend as much as 5 years of their working lives sedentary, sat behind a desk. It’s easy to figure out that’s a lot of time being inactive. From commuting on the train or driving, we are sat, then at work, we often sit for 8 hours, commute home, watch some television for 4 hours, then go to bed and sleep for 8, every day, the need to break to mould and keep fit and focused is very important. Simply heading to the gym once a day won’t reverse the negative side effects that sitting for so many hours at work has on our health.

Conversely, a very big percentage of the working population fancy working in a workplace and reckon that this should be an enjoyable experience. This will not only ensure that you are having a good time but also completing your task as well. However, we can’t all have jobs that get us active, so rather than taking your office job for granted and sitting and sulking, it’s left with yourself to change the way you work and stand up for yourself.

One way to achieve this is by trying the Varidesk Pro Plus™ 36 – a worktable that takes one from a sitting position to a standing desk in just a matter of seconds.  The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is a great standing desk, that just slots onto your current desk allowing you to sit to stand in under 3 seconds. Varidesk also has a free to use app which reminds you to stand throughout the day. A simple rule of 15 minutes stood, 15 minutes sat will burn 200 calories per day, 1,000 per week and a staggering 52,000 per year. The equivalent of running 18.71 Marathons, all from behind your desk. Whatever times you decide to sit and stand is up to you, and is an easy work-based approach to become more active in your working habits.

Indeed, working elevated has plenty of benefits. One of the notable advantages of this standing desk is that it is very simple to assemble and the desk is very ideal for individuals who have dual monitors or if just require a bigger workspace. In addition, it gives computer users the opportunity to rapidly change their working position by reducing levels of fatigue and improving productivity.

Special Features

  • Design: Varidesk Pro Plus™ 36 Review is designed in such a way that it has a two-tier design. It is one of the features that make this desktop standout from the rest. This is because the upper tiers are another nice touch where you can separate your keyboard and mouse, this will go a long way in giving you more room for other accessories that one might fancy having around.
  • Specification: It is a standing desk that that sits on top of the existing desk with so much ease. The top surface of the desk itself measures about 36inches width by 12.25 diameter and is able to support about 35 lbs of weight without any problem. The largest model (Pro Plus 48) holds up to 45 lbs (20.4 kg).
  • Movement: What makes the desk so easy to move upwards is the spring assisted lift that it has. you will also realize that the Footprint measures about 36 inches’ width and 75 inches in diameter.
  • Assembly: the new and improved pro version allows the assembling of the desk work so easy as one can do it in a matter of minute without any struggle. It does not require any additional tools which mean that you will not waste much of your time figuring out what goes where and how.
  • Functionality: this desk makes the positioning of the monitor not only easy but also allows the full articulating with the 36-degree screen rotation. The standing desk is sturdy and stable even when fully extended. The main idea behind this innovation was to encourage more movement and stretching at the same time working on some of your tasks. The ability to allow one to switch position is one quality that you cannot take out of this product. This will go a long way in assisting any individual not only to put more working hours on their workspace but also do it without getting tired or feeling exhausted.

Uses and Application

One of the notable use of the Varidesk Pro Plus™ 36 is that it is one of the best desks that is ideal in a busy office space when one need to monitor a lot of activities that are happening at the same time. This can be a stockbroker, television shows or news studio and many more.

It has been proven that the focus of people who use standing desks increases by 12% and productivity by up to 46% and avoiding sitting for long periods helps increase your blood flow and oxygen levels. Thus, the Varidesk gives you the capability to elevate your workstation from a seated position to standing in a few seconds.

Student especially of IT would fancy the use of Varidesk Pro Plus™ 36 especially since it gives room to accommodate many machines in s small space and the cat that one can stand or sit depending on how they want to work.


Used by over 90% of the fortune 500 companies, it’s easy to see why they are so popular, Standing desks help improve heart health, burns 50 calories per hour and also increases concentration by 46%, and Varidesk is no exception. Below we list some of the most popular benefits:

Weight Loss

Most people don’t realise that sitting at a desk all day can negatively affect your weight. On average offices workers put on over 8lbs in their first year of work, and also sit for around 16+ hours a day including commuting and watching television at home. Standing desks help to burn calories. Sitting for the full day can significantly slow your metabolic rate and can negate any workouts you do get in that day. Getting your blood flowing and increasing your metabolism is only a good thing.

Reduced Back Pain

Back pain often occurs from prolonged inactivity and sitting. One study has found that switching between sitting and standing throughout the workday can lead to a 54% reduction in neck and back pain. Also, 95% of standing desk users felt some relief from lower back pain within 15 days.

Brain Health

Using a standing desk can increase productivity by 46%, a study by Texas A&M shows that continued utilisation of the stand-biased desks was associated with significant improvements in executive function and working memory capabilities. Making the decision to reduce occupational sitting time may have mental health benefits. This includes anxiety, depression, memory loss and any feeling associated with being overwhelmed and causes you to just not be yourself. Work smarter, not harder.

Heart Health

Your heart needs exercise, the right foods and spending less time sitting and more time standing lowers blood sugar, cholesterol and weight, which means a lower risk for heart disease.


As earlier indicated the joy of working at the same time enjoying what you are doing can be greatly encouraged by the purchase of this Varidesk Pro Plus™ 36 which will surely be a good use of your money. As you have noticed from the mentioned feature this standing desk can also be used when you want to monitor many events at the same time with the ability to increase the working space and ability to handle more than one monitor at the same time.

Overall, the main thing is that you take control back of your working day, break up prolonged sitting and feel the benefits associated with the Varidesk. As always, the only way this can be done is by standing up for yourself and making a change, however small, every little effort will add up.

The Varidesk Pro is available in white or black from Purchasing this product is a sure way of increasing your potential and one will not regret the money spent on getting it.

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