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Top Methods to Fix CRITICAL PROCESS DIED in Windows

With this issue in your computer completely indicates your Windows is experiencing some trouble to proceed at least one of the System’s Vital Processes.

Mainly this mistake happened right after if your Windows got upgraded or perhaps sometimes once you install new Windows OS on your PC. Aside from these two conditions, regrettably yes this mistake can be happened anytime on your own computer’s display even in between of the Windows startup.

From many days I am getting lots emails about folks having this mistake on their PC and requests me to indicate something that could fix their PC. The common thing that I found in these received emails, many users with this issue right later when they install Windows 10 or upgrading Window 10 out of Windows 8.

So, I answered different things based on their different terms and chiefly the answer what I have discovered is, it is only a compatibility problem, but occasionally this dilemma may also be happened due to some defective install RAM of the computer or perhaps your computer’s Windows got corrupt, and Yes! That also occurs a lot also.

The majority of the times that you folks only install some drivers or software or perhaps simply update something on your computer, even without knowing that applications program what you are likely to install or upgrade is compatible with your computer or not, and that is the area where the compatibility problem begins from.

So, let us see how to repair this issue;

First, I wish to affirm that right you can now able to start your computer’s windows or not. I am just asking you about that since about 20 percent individuals who are having this issue on their PC, got the error when each time they begin their PC, mainly at the centre of the windows opening.

Moreover, that is the main reason I split this tutorial into two distinct components, mostly by the various problems. So, now I would like you to follow just those solution who recorded under that state which satisfies you.

Around 80% this mistake happened whenever you are working on your Windows, and at times it shows whenever you are using a specific software, or occasionally it only occurred in the centre of anything.

The majority of the times this mistake occurs only due to some compatibility problem, it is sometimes a current Windows Update, or perhaps some of the Windows Driver becomes corrupted, and regrettably yes, there are far more than these two motives.

If that will not functions for you, then only proceed to another step. If so, you may go your windows upgrade setting in the Control Panel and uninstall the final update exactly what your Windows installed mechanically. If that will not functions for you, then only proceed to another step.

  • Windows Update — Or in the event of If you did not upgrade your Windows lately, then only update it, since this little trick does help the majority of the times. Microsoft will release hotfix time that will help to increase our Windows operation and correcting this kind of error also. If that will not functions for you, then only proceed to another step.
  • Partner Update — It is also possible your computers or notebooks hardware drivers become corrupt also, and the incredible part is, only updating them can correct this issue. Be sure to update all of your computers drivers,
  • Windows Registry Got Corrupted — alert is the major key for your entire windows operating and operation, because of bad computer program upkeep, you might experience Registry difficulties and after that lead to several computers malfunction, such as this CRITICAL PROCESS DIED error.

To resolve the registry problem, you will want to purchase some finest in type registry cleaner to fix and clean the undesirable values in the registry database. Each of the working Registry Cleaner is just available in the paid version but prior to spending your money, first, I would like you to resolve the registry problem with your windows command prompt because the majority of the times that this issue gets fixed by only putting one control in the CMD, and after that you do not even need to purchase anything.

Utilise SFC /SCANNOW To Fix Windows — Now you will only need to type the control on CMD and sit down before the scan completes and it will mend the majority of the Windows files like the registry database. Be certain that you do not shut this CMD window till the confirmation gets 100% finished.

  • Restart your computer and test it, even if the blue screen was gone, then that is great, if do not, then I believe now you should get a Registry Cleaner to your OS.

If you do not have some registry cleaner or binder from your PC, then put in a very best in class cleaner on your PC to acquire the ideal performance and an error free program’s lifespan.

If you still experiencing this issue after doing all of the fixing kinds of things on your windows, then it is entirely possible your computer’s RAM may acquire faulty also, and if that’s happening with your computer then the first thing what you will have to do would be to analyze your PC’s ram to discover, does that the ram is your explanations for this mistake or it just another error.

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