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You’ve Heard of Office 365, Now Microsoft Could be Offering Windows 365

Will Windows deliver something revolutionary?

Some believe that the operating system’s best days have well and truly been left behind, but could Windows 365 prove them all wrong?

windows 365

A great number of rumours have been surrounding Microsoft of late, and some reports have been shown to be true. One of the main stories that surprised many was Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia – while gossip had been circulating for a long time, we only learned of the acquisition this time last year.

But what impact does Microsoft buying Nokia have on you and your business?

Rumours Are Going Strong in Regards to Microsoft’s Latest Plans

Many in the media have speculated that this company is working on a new operating system that will literally take the industry by storm.

This is based on the possibility of Microsoft establishing a Windows 365, fuelled by the fact that on January 29th, Microsoft registered the Windows 365 trademark in the Patent Office of the United States.

This Might Be True, as Microsoft is Focusing on Providing Innovative Services

Since the arrival of new CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft is focusing more on services: Office 365 and OneDrive, for example. They have also been trying to reach more people through iOS and Android applications, even before Windows Phone was presented to the public.

Don’t get your hopes up. If you stop and think about it, registering a patent for Windows 365 doesn’t necessarily mean that a new launch is imminent.

But if this rumour becomes truth, users may be required to splash out on an annual or monthly subscription fee for the new, presumably cloud-based, Windows 365. If Microsoft wants to attract a greater number of licensees and make their new offering the go-to operating system, they might offer a value pack that could include unlimited drive space. This could be based on cloud development that would come in response to Google’s Chrome OS. A customer who would lock in offline mode for basic uses offering similar to that seen in Windows Starter functions, but would need a subscription fee and Internet connection to access all system functions. An interesting option for individuals, and a poignant change of model for businesses.

Only Time Will Tell

Microsoft is a company that has become well-known for always going the extra mile to provide one-of-a-kind solutions to its clients, which is one of the major reasons why it has been able to retain its exceptional market presence after so many years. The tech giant always has something up its sleeve that never fails to impact individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and nations, but only time will tell if Microsoft’s supposed plans will come to light. Nobody can deny that a platform like Windows 365 has the potential to revolutionise the IT sector.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. If Windows 365 becomes a reality, it could open up a whole new way of working for business users.

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Alex Viall is the Director of one of London's leading IT Support companies - Mustard IT.

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