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The Benefits of Dedicated cPanel for Web Hosting Companies

The dedicated cPanel is one amongst the foremost and widely used Web Hosting Management Panels for UNIX Servers. A large majority of web hosting companies prefers to use cPanel for designing interactive web sites and e-commerce platforms, and the reasons for doing so are simply innumerable. Read on to find out more….

So, what distinction will cPanel build for brand over brand Y? Will it even build a distinction if the core practicality is that the same? The answer is Yes, and to a great extent.


The web hosting control panel is a strong pillar of success for organizations seeking to launch their products and services on the Web. Let us look at how it is useful for the end-user.

User Interface

A tech-savvy user is competent in creating, linking, editing web pages with the help of the control panel. However, a beginner or the typical user might not be aware of all the buttons and menus that bombard him upon working with a control panel. On the contrary, the simple and self-explanatory user interface of the dedicated cPanel helps novice web designers to create dynamic web sites.

Technical Support

cPanel provides free technical support to the license holders. A panel of skilled specialists is always available to resolve the technical issues that may strike anytime. Having this assurance implies that you’re not baffled if you upgrade the control panel software package and it fails or is attacked by virus.


The cPanel documentation is comprehensive, available in an easy to understand format. It has prompt headings to assist the web master in streamlining the website design and structure better. It has a lucid and structured format. For easy readability, the document contains bullet/numbered format with detailed procedures. It thus becomes simpler and faster to pinpoint the menu item or icon that the webmaster wishes to navigate to.

Upgrades and Updates

A software upgrade is an essential feature to keep the website in top condition. Often, the web-hosting firms gives least priority to security when put next to convenience. Even major software package flaws and bugs are left unattended for months, resulting in easy hacking of the critical business and financial data on the website. What is needed is regular updates from a reliable resource, and cPanel just does that! It quickly traces and fixes the bugs and flaws in the software, without the mechanical intervention of the web host.

The software package upgrades and updates extend not solely to cPanel’s software package, but also to the third party software packages, integrated with the dedicated cPanel. Thus, cPanel automatic upgrades provide complete peace of mind to both the web host and the end-user, against malware, virus and Trojan threats, and attacks.

Therefore, dedicated cPanel is the most suitable and consistent web designing and hosting software that allows you to save large amounts of critical data on the servers, without the fear of being bugged. So, are you game for it?

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