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7 Incredible Benefits of Audio Conferencing for Business

One of the most important requirements for a successful business is effective communication. Lack of adequate communication in an organization hampers productivity and gives rise to various issues. The appropriate measure and nature of interaction between employers, staff and customers forms the backbone of any business.

Hence organizations always seek the right communication tools that will meet the requirements of their establishment. Audio conferencing is one such effortless and cost efficient tool that offers a multitude of benefits to optimize business productivity. It connects several people at one time, enabling them to communicate beyond geographical barriers and time constraints, while saving expenses and offering convenience. It needs lesser preparation and can be set up in a shorter period of time. Yet it does not compromise with the efficiency of an in-person meeting or seminar.


You may already be using audio, video or web conferencing services. However, if you are not yet familiar with this service or not aware of what advantages it can offer you, then here are some reasons why you should try it today:

  1. It is a very cost effective tool. Audio conferencing is a practical alternative to business travel. Frequent business travel can be very expensive considering the travel and accommodation costs for all the employees or business partners who need to participate in a meeting or a seminar. It depends on the location of the participants; the farther they travel, the more expensive it is to conduct meetings in person. In comparison, phone conferencing is accessible worldwide and will help in cutting down major costs.
  1. Teleconferencing is extremely convenient. It saves precious time that is lost in travel as it can be conducted from almost anywhere; be it your office or even your home. The participants can dial in from landlines, cell phones, or payphones. It is also versatile, which means it can be arranged as per the needs of the business without being as challenging as an actual in-person meeting. Remote employees can collaborate easily and engage actively with their team located elsewhere.
  1. Audio conferences need only basic telephone technology that is already known to us; a clear telephone line and sound equipment. When you sign up for an audio conference, the conferencing provider hosts a conference bridge, and all the participants have to do is dial into the bridge with the number and PIN. This technology is extremely easy to use and can be operated by laymen too.
  1. Conferencing via a reliable provider like Conference Calls is very secure. There is no risk of your valuable or sensitive data falling in the wrong hands as the provider ensures absolute call security. All content remains confidential if you choose the right provider and assess their security features.
  1. It helps you reach more people at the same time. An audio conference service provided by Conference Calls can reserve as many as 50 participants for a small business and up to 3000 people worldwide for an executive conference. This means that all your staff and customers can be accommodated in an audio conference effortlessly.
  1. Too much time and effort spent travelling can hamper employees resolve and demotivate them. On the other hand communication through email and other similar methods, do not give the personal touch of an actual meeting. Audio conferences do not have these limitations and connect people in real time, thus boosting productivity.
  1. There is an option to record meetings and archive them. Conference Calls provide this feature for free and let you download the recordings in mp3 format. This way, those who are unable to attend the conference call can access it anytime later conveniently. It can also be used for future reference, training purposes or client interaction.

If you have not yet used audio conferencing as a means of communication, then your business is missing out on the innumerable benefits that it can offer you. Audio conference calling is the most incredible tool to reduce travel time and costs, improve effective communication and boost productivity.

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Alex Thompson is a technical writer. He loves technology and likes to write about telecommunication, mobile applications, electronic media, softwares, and more. He has written several resourceful blogs and articles for users as well as developers and operators.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. stallone

    December 10, 2015 at 7:48 am

    Audio conferencing acts as a flexible means for businesses to grow and communicate, both internally and externally. The several methods of conferencing like VOIP Conferencing and Multipoint Video Conferencing are being accepted by many leading business organizations. Tools like R-HUB web conferencing servers are used by businesses for conducting web, video and audio conferencing.

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